The saddest moment

 What is it that determines the saddest moment but the moment. I have collected a few over the past week and thought they were worth writing down. The first and perhaps most significant because it was something that had been on my mind for a while, but summed up so easily by someone else.. age.

  Passage of time, something no one has any control over – thankfully. Yea, I can watch Macgyver reruns all long, put on lots of blue eye make up, and pretend I’m really living in 1986. But it just doesn’t work on a daily basis. The fact is indeniable that you and I get older every day, second and moment. But the point that makes this sad is how it was candidly it was put – 23 is time to quit.

  Why is 23 a final line on a physical activity, I thought the body remained relatively intact til about 55-60 (age of retirement). I thought we were still on the up and up? Sure we have the disadvantage of being a bit bulkier, heavier, and taller than we were then say age 10. But there is so much more in our favour! Think about it, all this time you’ve been training and hoping to be free of limitations set by ‘adults’; it’s only been 4-5 mere years since you’ve gained this unshackeling of your abilities and creative aptitude. Four to five years?? And you call it quits? WHY.. whhhhy.. I fail to understand this.. it’s just so .. beardless, if you will. (first time using the term.. not sure if it works)

   The point is, that is the lowest point.. the lowest.. saddest thing I have ever heard seriously uttered from this man’s mouth. Possible the saddest in recent memory, had a more recent event not overshadowed it.

  But my reason for writing this is to remind me and any other readers that your life is much longer than what it currently has reached. This is nothing, there are many more tomorrows and even if there aren’t – shouldn’t you live them all?

  Don’t quit because of a number – it just doesn’t add up.

  To be continued… afterall there are always more sad moments to come, to balance out all that childhood happiness hehe..

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