I love China but…

Okay, for a country which knows (like you can count on it – IT’S A FACT) they have a lot of precipitation… WHY NOT HAVE DRAINAGE?
The Chinese are devoid of knowledge of gravity it seems, for example my shower. I have a shower, it has no sheltered area as we in spoiled countries such as Canada have. Go take a look at yours right now if you are lucky enough to inhabit one such country. You will notice, whether it’s a bathtub or just simply a small divider around your shower – that it has it’s own floor.
No no .. no such luck in China, when you take a shower the water goes all over the floor of that bathroom.. that is under you, under the toilet, and sometimes if you are really lucky – under the wall and onto the kitchen floor. I hear some of you asking ‘why doesn’t it have a drain?’ ahh.. but it does! It has two! But where are they located? on the higher ground of my washroom, so funnily enough the water doesn’t go there – rendering it pretty much ineffective. You may think I’m joking at this point, you may not believe the water in the kitchen (which has happened btw, making it a fact), and you may also be questioning the Chinese approach to building as I have many times so far this month.
Rightly so, the only explanation is this: the chinese are a mystical sort so naturally they thought ‘if I build it, it will come’ and used this when locating the perfect mystical location for shower drains. Oh and one might think that because there are two drains they must be placed opposite each other in a strategy to evacuate water quickly? You would be wrong. In fact the drains are strategically placed 4 inches apart. And heheh.. to add to the humor the one slightly downhill from the other is partially clogged. So the uphill drain always remains clean and useful apart from its’ silly location.
Anyway back to the mysticism, obviously if a drain is for water to go down – one can assume that water will go down the drain (because it knows where it should go, and makes decisions as such)(I mean this is water we’re talking about here – it’s an intelligent being). Then where we place the drain is where the water will go. Correct?
You be the judge. signed Soggy Floors
PS. please mop up after your shower, the water keeps getting lost on it’s way to the drain. I don’t know maybe we just had smarter water at home?

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