Accumulated Epiphanies


 Men should not buy me plants. I have more than one example now of how I kill their plant, they leave. And cut flowers just make me sad, to think it had to die for them to bring it to me. You can’t win so just leave the plants where they are growing. I have enough dried flowers to last me a life time already.


 Consistency is overrated.


 Mexico – greatest place on earth.


 Everyone should see; the sun set in a desert. The Mississippi at dawn. A sandstorm. A snow drift as tall as their Chevy S10 – and drive through it (that’s what they’re there for). Me dance. The Great Wall (Simtai section preferably). Leon’s Bar. An awards show from backstage(Genies, Canadian Sports awards), learn what human stress is/see how people react to it. More stars than you can count. Ottawa on Canada day (there’s no other time/reason to be there). Northern Lights. A lake shaped like a poodle in B.C. heheh stupid thing. Prague Castle(the stained glass in St. Wensceles Cathedral). The sea. A Horseshoe crab, those things are so messed. The mayor of your town(or one nearby), he/she’s just an average guy. The car I drove to Texas & back. Niagara Falls; the Horseshoe falls of course. A common loon. Snow glistening under a full moon, on the trees and rooftops. Collingwood. How pencil crayons are made (it amazes me). How long you can go without speaking. How many saltine crackers you can fit in your mouth at once.


 "AC/DC is the best Australian band to come out of Australia" (heheh silly Simon) * When anywhere you lay your hat is home, you’ve won. * ‘China – it just makes sense!’


 I think everyone needs a bread knife


 Take care of your feet, they’re your roots.


 And the great thing about our ‘roots’? They don’t stay in one place, it’d be unhealthy if they did.


 Don’t carry other people’s emotional baggage, you’re liable break your back.


 Listen to Paul Simon, he knows what he’s talking about.


 Saving money’s good, but having a reason to spend it is better. Apply the saying ‘In heaven ain’t no beer – gotta drink it here’ to your cash.

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1 Response to Eureka!

  1. Karine says:

    hmmmmmmmmm… yep. Actually I am so lucky I saw the Simatai, Leon’s bar and you dance… Thank you, thank you Yo for those wonderful moments…

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