Snow, so what

Yet another open letter from me, slightly disgruntled as always.
It snowed today.. well last night.. or this morning.. it’s hard to tell really, when you wake up at ……hrm.. 1pm. Anyway, it was pathetic at best. A visible reason to shiver that’s what we’ll call it. You know, at first when I heard my roommate excitedly exclaim ‘IT SNOWED!" I had flashbacks of 2ft of snow glistening between pine trees in my backyard with cute little fluffy snowflakes with minute details – no two a like – breath-taking beauty softly floating down in circular patterns to rest on the cushion their millions of brethern had laid.
None such luck in Hefei.
Yes, true.. it can be classified as ‘snow’ but.. it is in reality only slush. Yes, that discusting fake-0 wannabe snow I ran into on several occasions while living in the Niagara region. For all involved who many not know – this is now how snow should be. I want you to get that straight. ‘Snow’ should not drip into your shoes, nor pour down your jacket (inside or outside), and ‘snow’ should not make dripping noises as it pours down from your eaves trough. ‘No sir, I don’t like it’; to quote a great chef (from the Midland/Apto area).
Snow should not fall like lead to the ground, it should take its’ time, casting glorious radiance both day and night. Let the light, be it moon or sun, reflect off every fragile extremity, and ‘do not go gently in to that good night!’ as D.Thomas would say. [Not that I’m a big fan of him, but I must admit that quote does get a lot of milage with me.] [(btw did you know he was Welsh? hrm, it seems to answer that age old question ‘has anything good ever come out of Wales?’)]

Annnnnyway, the whole point of my ramble?
I took some pictures but they’re all crap.. so I felt the need to explain WHY they are crap. No no.. it’s not because I can’t find inspiration for pictures, or that my framing sucks nor can I blame the camera. It’s because.. it’s not beautiful. These pictures are not eye pleasing, the kindof photos I prefer to share. But rather a sort of 2D cold and soused, shiver-inducing snipet of reality.
Natures tears if you will.

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