Slackin’ at the skool

Yep, it’s me again.
  As I’m sure it’s become plain to see to all .. whether you know me or not.. read previous junk entries on here or not.. that I am ..quite.. sorry for the politically-incorrectness – Retarded. Seriously.
   There’s no real good true word for it in my limited vocabulary so I’m going to use one of my own insults against me.. cause.. frankly it suits.
  I have nothing interesting to say, I don’t think anything original or interesting these days.. if I think at all. I’m slightly depressing.. really slow.. mentally and physically (specially now that I’m sick). I can’t do math.. what else.. wow.. I really suck.
  It just makes me laugh how useless I am.. like..think about it.. you know how people make fun of Dodos or Turkeys, kiwis (I disagree the birds are cute.. maybe they mean New Zealanders? I don’t know). And you just have to laugh cause .. it’s pathetic.. it’s defenseless and if something or someone didn’t feel sorry for it it probably wouldn’t be here .. as long. Hey, what about slothes? They’re pretty silly too. But I like them
   You may have gotten the impression from the above that I don’t like me, that’s not entirely true. I like silly nonsensical things – so I’m bound to like me. That’s just how it goes, if I did make sense, was a logical and .. borderline normal person then I’d have good cause to dislike myself. But hahahh like that’s every going to happen.
 Wow, I may be useless but I’m still good for a laugh.
  On to Prague! Dobrý Den Česká Republika!
And now I have too good reasons to drink Absinth – I’m sick, can’t breath through my nose and I smashed my knee yesterday and it still hurts – what an ididot. heheheh dumbass.
  Dum bass

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