And no one needs to know right now

Hehe, singing country songs.. such a geek.
Hey how you been, peoples? Yep, I dodged the writing a blog bullet for a month – I’m so good! Hahahah, I did it mostly cause the lack of Easter around this joint brought me down. More than a little. Come on, it’s the spring festival of the West – how can you not acknowledge it? Ah well, at least they did some celebrating in South Korea, I have photographic proof from a friend :). That did cheer me up a bit, after my hopeless search for egg dyes.. or something like.
Got a few blurry pics of home growin; some would say home grown pix? (heheh, I’m clever to boot!) I’m substatially more cheerful these days. The May holiday did wonders, truly. I’m trying not to get overzealous here but hehehe. It’s hard.
I’ll explain when things when I’m sure, not that that ever really happens. But at the moment I’m sure I’d be a bit rash to write everything in my head (you know like I usually do).

Just trust me, things are on the up and up.

Til we meet again,
~*~ Yolanda ~*~

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I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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