Sleepy Saturday

Ugh, sitting around listening to ‘Gomez’ (apparently.. I didn’t know he wrote such hypnotizing/calm music) waiting for the day to end. One more hour of entertaining children in a foreign language and I can go home to play a PS2 which isn’t mine but hehehe I treat as though it was my own. It’s been a few years since I’ve played a video game and they are better than I remember. Someone’s strange attempt to cheer me up by lending me his PS2 has worked wonders. I’ve avoided drinking for a week now because I’d rather go home ever chance I get to play GTA, Tony Hawk, some racing game, or Mortal Kombat – only the classics at my house.
   Which leads me to rant – games have changed. I noticed this flicking through the catalogues of illegally copied games at the shops (for the low low price of 5 yuan). There’s a definate trend towards… ‘dungeon and dragon type’ games as I refer to them. Maybe it’s just the area/shop I’m looking in but… overall kids these days are playing epics that seem to use Final Fantasy as a template. And, sadly these don’t interest me at all. So I find myself at a loss; scanning half-assed racing games and looking for simple entertainment akin to ‘pac-man’. I didn’t find pac-man or anything that resembled it – tears welling up :P.
     But, is it my imagination or had gaming changed?? Okay so I’m almost 24 some may say too old to be playing video games but screw you. You don’t know what you’re missing. Annnnd I intend to play games til I die, so there. Even if all I do is lose, I still like them.fact.
  Let’s think about it, like if you’re my age or older you were around for a revolution of sorts. Come on you used to have to go to the arcarde for your fix of button mashing and releasing anger til  some poor unsuspecting tower of wood and plastic screams ‘TILT’ silently. It took a lot of quaters – if you’re me – to get your 3 initials up there on the high score screen (and even then it was usually knocked off by the next player – damnit).
     Think of the games, rickety old wood with spinny things, craters, tunnels and two measely little flippers to prevent that ball from falling to a void of game over. I love the old ones – totally mechanical – no distracting lights or annoying bumper ‘ding ding’ noises. The oldies are truly a rare treasure these days; I wonder if the Balm Beach arcade still has the two from before – so tempted to buy them.
     Then there’s the electronic descendants – not too shabby. I’ve played my share of them. And I have to admit – I’m terrible, like with most things that require coordination in general. Do you remember the art on the backboard? Hahahahha all the scantily clad women and the muscle bound men. Some poised on their burly bikes, others toteing the biggest gun known to mankind. And the G rated ones, Addams family, Simpsons, cartoony mammals of every variety, and of course later on the imports – Anime gone mad.
  Argh, sorry I have to ‘work’ hahah right now. That is I have one hour of class… guess I’ll never grow up. I’m either at school or at home playing video games; it’s not a bad life but… you’d think it’d change after the first 20. Nope, ah well stick to what you’re good at – slackin at school and messin’ with machines you don’t understand. Oh and just for kicks – insult people, why? Why not. I really don’t know.

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