Still Sleepin’

   yet another sleepy day, I don’t know why. I think my brain’s just fried from existing in a foreign culture for more than a week. And I can feel any previous power of expression I had being corralled into a small.. minute even, vocabulary with bad sentence structure (well worse than before) and little to no punctuation. Oh and my spelling is autrocious (however you spell it). On the upside, my father sent me maple syrup – thank you father!
   mmmm.. and I made cookies the other day, first ones in almost a year and I think they turned out pretty good. Which you might not believe if you saw me giving them away to people at the bar hahah, Yolanda – still a freak.
    Which reminds me that song ‘still crazy after all these years’ by Paul Simon is great. Paul Simon is a prophet, I think I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating.
   Hrm.. what else.. talked to some surprising people this week (I think), no they weren’t surprised but I was.
  First, a guy I haven’t had a reason to talk to.. well still don’t hahaha.. for a couple years. It’s strange to write something just to check up on someone, or .. to see if they’ll answer then end up having a conversation like you haven’t seen them in a week. Comforting I think – for both parties.
   I could add more to that but I don’t think you [third party onlookers] (if there even are any who stumble upon this site) would give a rat’s ass. So moving on…
   The other guy I spoke to who surprised me was another foreigner here. Temporarily. A man from France who’s currently living in Prague (oh what a great land) and is in town with a large shipment of Laowi for some conference. Don’t ask me to explain the details but it’s something about plasma and nuclear fusion – which is pretty cool I think. But the main amazing fact here is – he became a physicist because …… he’s a Macgyver fan!! Hahahhahah see see, anyone who puts that show down is a fool!!!! Fans of Macgyver go on to do great things!
 Like me for example…
Other than that, uh has anyone got any ideas as to how to get to Italy to work in a cafe? I ask not for myself but for another friend. Teaching English is not the preferred route in this case.. so we’re open to ideas.
   In other news, my back hurts, I play video games much too much (but man does it make me laugh hahahah.. how can’t really feel old playing those things.. so good).
  OOhhhh I have Cadbury creme eggs – those are great mmm.. I can feel my teeth rotting.
Hrm.. Oh.. heh.. got a little teary-eyed yesterday. I downloaded Google Earth. It’s pretty damn good. I found my house and some other places I’ve lived. And I started cruising along the roads.. 400, 427, QEW… looking at the racetracks I used to go to.. I couldn’t find Woodbine btw.. I’ll try later. Next time I’m going to see if I can remember the route to El Paso,Texas… but BEJEBVUS! I miss my car.. I really do. I knew I’d miss it when I said goodbye but.. argh.. really miss something motorized with wheels. I’d settle for a tractor.
You know they say you don’t know what you got til it’s gone.. but sometimes you dont’ know.. but .. then.. why the fuck did I leave it? Like, I knew it wasn’t that bad.. so.. what was I looking for? Sometimes I wonder if I’ll actually find anything better than what I had (like ya there’s better out there.. but.. will I find it.. with my limited funds/experience/skills).
  I miss the Niagara wine region.. all you Niagara college kids.. I hope you ‘drink deeply’ of the riches that surround you. That is truly an example of not knowing what you’ve got til it’s gone.
      Well I was looking for some Fraggle Rock theme song lyrics that I remember from time to time.. but apparently I made that song up cause I can’t find it. So instead I shall regal you with a rendition of ‘Convincing John’.
Listen to Convincing John,
And all your troubles will be gone.
He’s gonna tell it, spell it, sell it,
Just for you.

Now then listen to me Fraggles.
Give your Fraggle mouths a-waggle.
You can chew a Doozer tower till you’re blue (you’re blue).

But there’s a mighty day a coming,
When the food will hit your tummy,
And you’ll know that what I’m telling you is true (is true).

So if you want to get ahold of something extra good as gold,
You gotta stop and give a thought to what you do (what you do).
Never eat another tower till I tell you what it’s doing to you.

Listen to Convincing John,
And all your troubles will be gone.
He’s gonna tell it, spell it, sell it,
Just for you.

Well you eat a Doozer tower,
And it’s as pretty as a flower,
And a flower’s what you pick up in a field (a field),
But the field can have a hole,
And you can fall in while you stroll,
And a Gorg can come along to find a meal (a meal),
And he can pack you in a sack,
And you can try to scramble back,
But then you’ll never, ever, ever get free (get free),
‘Cause every time you eat a tower you’ll be shut up for eternity.

Listen to Convincing John,
And all your troubles will be gone.
He’s gonna tell it, spell it, sell it,
Just for you.

And if you want to hear a story,
That is horrible and gory,
Let me tell you about a Fraggle I knew (I knew).

He was sitting on a byway,
Eating up a Doozer highway,
In the way a hungry Fraggle will do (will do).

Then he started in a-changing and he started rearranging,
And I promise you this story is true (is true).
By the time it was done he was a human being through and through.

Listen to Convincing John,
And all your troubles will be gone.
He’s gonna tell it, spell it, sell it, (but don’t eat it!),
Just for you.

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