Trout of the day

Wow I’m on a writing kick.. don’t know why.
  Worrying perhaps.
 ahhh…. sanctuary… listening to Donovan. 🙂
  It’s become my Sunday afternoon break ritual to enlighten people to my weekly emotional events.. today is no exception.
  I don’t need anything. Or so I would like to realize, for if I did I could enjoy everything that unnecessarily enters my life.
   I need only water.
 I have no need for memories – they only lead to regret.
 I do not need silly English contraptions such as ‘conditional’ for example. Because when you use those you think of something that is not true.. and when you take the time to say something untrue you are wasting time you could be using to make it true.
  I should talk less, but when I talk less I write more and I’m not sure if that’s more effective then speaking to others?
  It’s easier to ignore words when you see them than when you hear them.
  It’s easier to ignore actions when you don’t see them than when you do witness them.
I’m not clever, in fact I’m getting slow already… the eyes in the mirror look 40 my hands 55. All together I’m a century in the making.
  You know what I miss right now? Tango with Victor. Magic man,..wish I could dance.

About yolandalenin

I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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