Well I’m in a bad spot, I just lost my 1GB memory card. Okay, so I lose things often enough.. but usually I have an inkling as to where I left it. :/ Right now I’m completely in the dark. So much for my pictures of Hong Kong I guess :(. Heh.. on the upside that’s one more reason to go back, right?
    Heheheh… that was dumb. I just woke up Theresa and asked ‘what time do you wake up?’ ‘right now’ hahahahah. Yep guess so.
   So dumb… see, it doesn’t matter if I go away and buy stuff. Because when I come back I just lose it and don’t have it anyway. :/
  Did you know that Larry Hagman has Hep. C? I didn’t… he’s still kicking, J.R. is tough hehe.
   On the flight from Hong Kong back, the captain came on the P.A. heheh and you’d swear it was J.R. Ewing driving the plane. ‘I always wondered what he did after Dallas finished!’
Hey does anyone know if this is correct English? Cause I’m siding with no but I heard it said on tv twice… ‘would say was’
I’m hungry.
On a completely other note,
   just to reconfirm.
  There’s a smell to death
   it doesn’t wash off hands
   or disappear in a mist of perfume.
   It lingers. Festers. Probably grows.
   Just like how you can’t get time to run back.
   You can’t buy more time.
              But then, why would you want to?
       ugh, I see dead turkeys when I close my eyes.

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I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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