Commitments, hill of beans, and other hot air

Okay,  I haven’t updated this site in … a number of months, but I’m making up for it. I have just uploaded some recent articles and to continue, today I will write about some news. If you take a look at the Toronto Star (or their website if you’re cheap and don’t buy papers) perhaps you’d find these:  "Battle brewing over Kyoto bill" (Feb 09, 2007 06:00 PM)
                "Bean-counting boy finds Science Centre mistake" (Feb 09, 2007 04:30 AM) 
 Now, at first glance these may seem totally random and alright.. maybe they are. I like random things. But there is a link. First though, what are these articles about? The first one is our responsiblity to Kyoto, not just responsibility to a piece of paper but to the world we live in. I don’t think I’ve written it on here. And I don’t think I can harp on this enough – Canada, as a developed country, first world nation, arguably the weathiest people on the planet, IF WE cannot be an example of how we should act on a global issue, WHO CAN? Don’t leave it til tomorrow -WE’VE DONE THAT. It doesn’t get easier, and besides the longer you wait the less there is to save. There is absolutely no argument that global warming is happening your question should be ‘what more can I do to improve my life and the lives of those around me?’ This, I believe is an age old question but we had limited powers of actually helping others on a global scale. BUT NOW YOU CAN. All you have to do is make your life better?! How much simplier could this be? Buy the damn flourescent lightbulbs, bike, rollerblade, avoid using your car, DON’T COMMUTE – DAMNIT that annoys me. Our transit system is decrepit(dying from lack of use) because of our reliance on cars (independant passenger vehicles). Things cannot continue, maybe you can’t see the effects in Canada – we’re lucky. Terribly lucky, come to China, I’ll show you what happens when you abuse land for long periods of time, do not do something about pollution. We, as North Americans are the largest contributers to the problem, yet we do the least about it. That’s just sick. Like an overgrown hog so obese it cannot remove itself from it’s own filth – so are we.
   I’m saying this not only to preach my long belief that we need to be guardians to the earth not raiders. Part if not the whole of the reason to develop civilization is to set us above the animals. Now having conscious thought about our actions and the consequences thereof is part of that responsibility that comes with power.
  Anyway, my point is, we are dinosaurs, sucking up fossil fuels and spewing them out into a horrid gaseous mask to make our world an ill-coloured oven. My warning is this, we will be replaced. You are replaceable. If you’ve ever studied business you’d realize a product cannot continue to prosper because of history alone. You must constantly redesign yourself, improve the product, remain competetive. We have not. We, as ‘developed nations’ are no longer on top of the game. We need to make serious sacrifices to further ourselves – and we have shown over the past 20 years that we are not up to the challenge, we are declining societies. The fall from power will leave a void which will be filled at any costs, perhaps by a power less…. morally endowed. Look, I’m in China and yea, it’s not that great a country. Lack of free speech, corruption, combined with unsightly smog and pollution/litter found everywhere. It’s an ancient country that has had people roaming it for thousand of years. It can be seen as a fast forward look at North America (a relatively new continent). However, despite poverty these people are moving ahead. You see the number one thing you have to keep in mind is – when you have nothingn to lose you have everything to gain. They will work for nothing in hopes of reaching something. We have trouble working for something! I can tell people, our leaders can tell us, everyone can yell it at the tops of their lungs, but we’re done. Born into a carefree life without knowing what true poverty, true loss, true denial is.. we will learn. And it’s a painful lesson I’m sure. Since the most valuable ones are the hardest taught.
   Anyway, enough of my rambling now for some citing:
"Canadian press OTTAWA — The Conservative government was accused of preparing a quasi “coup d’état” after suggesting Friday it might ignore an upcoming Commons vote to respect the Kyoto accord."
*** A great role model – our own government cannot uphold it’s laws??? Sounds like the verge of corruption.
"Some constitutional experts said the government has a democratic obligation to follow laws adopted by Parliament and could face lawsuits if it fails to comply. "
*** I should think so! Getting to the meat..
"The Kyoto target — a six per cent cut in emissions by 2012 — would be impossible to meet without crippling the economy, they said."
*** Alright – Jesus F Christ! 6% is impossible?? 6% is impossible to us? DID WE EVEN TRY GODDAMNIT.. TRY! IT’S NOT EVEN 10% IT’S NOTHING. How about not using you car 6 times out of 100 possible times? Replace ALL Your lightbulbs, use cold water in your washer, turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, turn off the water when you are shampooing your hair. ARGH JUST TRY Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
“It’s like trying to say, `I’m going to pass a motion that says I’m going to change the laws of gravity,”’ said Harper spokeswoman Sandra Buckler. ‘
*Right, NOW you’re upsetting me.. just fuckin DO IT!!! You freak.lajs.lfja.sjf.lajs.ljflasjf YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TRIED! DON’T TELL ME IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TIL YOU TRY. Don’t make me tie you up and make you watch ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ Clockwork orange style. We know that developing nations have more efficient than so called developed ones.
That’s enough of that, you get the idea. We have been living the high life so long we forget that anything worth while requires work and effort to maintain it.
But how does this reflect on the next generation? How can I link this to a headline like: "Math whiz, 8, first to discover jelly bean exhibit doesn’t add up."
Parkser Garrison, 8, of Charlotte, N.C., put some jelly on the face of the Ontario Science Centre when he exposed a flaw in a candy exhibit.
*** There are more perfectionists coming down the line, there are people who can EASILY identify the problems that have been and continue to be swept under one huge metaphorical rug. And it cannot continue. 
"She said Parker realized there was no need to divide the measurement calculation by two because the dimensions given were already for half a pyramid, not a whole one. The jelly beans have been temporarily removed from the show. But the OSC is unrepentant. "The formula is not incorrect," spokesperson Ellen Flowers insisted. "But it wasn’t absolutely explicit. It required that visitors infer some crucial information. That wasn’t clear. We’re striking out the line about dividing by two and we’re sending out new display panels for the pyramid." And, Flowers acknowledged, "the boy did do it correctly."
Like our government – unrepentant. Of course, we collectively make no mistakes, we as individuals make no mistakes, this problems are just handed to us like a clunky, akward, mass of an obstacle to surpass to move along this B movie plot. But, like a child in class pointing fingers – it doesn’t matter who did it. It’s what will be done in the future that matters.
   I am cheerful to note that they did give credit where credit’s due : the boy did do it correctly.
 Ah, this just in… another article to add to my global awareness rant…
$25M prize for atmospheric vacuum cleaner   Feb 09, 2007 08:26 PM
 "Man created the problem, therefore man should solve the problem," Branson said.
"The Earth cannot wait 60 years. We need everybody capable of discovering an answer to put their minds to it today," Branson said.
"People have been doing it for 50 years … after all the plant in my office does it," he said.
***I totally agree. It’s not impossible, and I don’t want to hear that again. Never say never.
"Branson, whose business interests include Virgin Atlantic airline, rejected charges that it was hypocritical for him to sponsor the prize."

"He reiterated a commitment made in September to invest US$3 billion toward fighting global warming, saying he would devote all profits from his travel companies over the next 10 years. As part of that pledge, he launched a new Virgin Fuels business, which is to invest up to $400 million in green energy projects over the next three years."


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