It’s an investment


   Ahh… explaining to non believers why they should buy tupperware; it’s just one of my past times. Alright, I’ll throw it out there cause I, well I expect to be called a fool by many but I’m curious how many people would side with me on this. Yesterday I spent… 500 yuan on Tupperware – Name Brand USA designed (though probably manufactured in China… what isn’t) Tupperware. It’s the real deal folks, no one does it better as far as I’m concerned. Come on, am I right? You tell me if you have found a product that rivals the TUP. Nothing. Now I admit that for my first month here and having just gotten a cash advance of my pay cheque just to have some spending money.. it um.. maaaaaaaaaybe a bad move. But, (it was 11 pieces plus a bonus blue bowl with sealing lid) a great redeeming phrase to remember, "it’s an investment." This is my honest to goodness… earnest (if you will/if I may) belief.

   Now, I had/have trouble convincing others of Tupperware’s worthiness. Like okay yea I could go out and spend .. I don’t know a couple yuan on crappy sandwich containers that don’t seal, the lids randomly fall off or crack after 5 uses. But what’s the point? Think about the uselessness of them, how little use you are going to get from them for the price and … can they even do their job? Which is simply: to protect your food from the elements (in or out of your fridge). I say if something can’t do it’s job it’s useless don’t waste your time or money. Tupperware does and will make my life better. I feel I have a higher standard of living with Tupperware than without. Now no one can argue with that … can they?? I feel secure, from my experience with my families’ TUP back home, that my TUP will have a life span of at least 20 years (if washed with respect and not zapped in the microwave excessively). Who can say that of for example – Gladware? How many times can you reuse that? Not bloody many now can you. I break them just opening them (some say it’s because you need opposable thumbs to do that.. but whatever I like my knuckles dragging on the ground when I walk, I believe it lessens the chance of electrocution being so well grounded.

   My long winded point is people everywhere – not just in China – are losing sight of the advantage of investment. Investing, serious well-thought-out investing goes miles further than just hard work. I don’t’ care how you cut it, in comparison the one with foresight to invest correctly will gain much more than those who do not. True you cannot always bet on the sure thing but… the odds are if you keep trying… 


   So, my philosophical input(output?) for today is this if you have something, nay – anything that could benefit from a good container. This container could perchance lengthen it’s life or just make it taste better, for longer than any other product on the market… wouldn’t you buy it? And add to that the blue bowl with sealing lid, you’d have to be crazy!

    How much would you pay for the next 20 years to be better?

I say 500 yuan is nothing compared to the gains I have of non stale snacks in my diet. And the encouragement to keep leftovers and bring food to work. If you know of a better alternative – I’ve got a deal for you 12 piece Tupperware set for $75 dollars Cdn.   

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