P. apples

You know,
  some days I just sit around thinkin’
They dance in my head, swirling in my mind til they mix and blend to become a banana mulch with spikes of green pointing every which way.
  That’s the way I like them
                                  in my head
 A butterfly flutters past the window, first one this year, perchance.. the only ?
     I miss reading William 
         I’m only
                            a rip off
Forgive us all
                        we know not
          what we
  Ignorance is bliss,
                               pettiness is
     loving pets.
        My eyes can’t stay
Global warming sucks
                                who did it
           was it you?
 It was no one
            only bad luck
  I wish I could make things out of glass
                   stained glass is cool
 and refreshing
                                                                 Pineapple – formerly known as Yolanda

About yolandalenin

I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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3 Responses to P. apples

  1. BIG says:

    Are you losing your mind?

  2. Karine says:

    hmmm… you nutter… I like bananas better…

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