In the country…

Thinkin’ about Johnny Cash’s song ‘Country Boy’…
"Country boy, ain’t got no shoes
Country boy, ain’t got no blues
Well, you work all day while you’re waitin’ to play In the sun and the sand, with a face that’s tan
But at the end of the day, when your work is done
You ain’t got nothin’ but fun

Country boy, you got alot to lose
Country boy, how I wish I was in your shoes

Country boy, ain’t got no ills
Country boy, don’t owe no bills

Country boy, got alot to lose
Country boy, how I wish I was in your shoes

Country boy, you got work to do
Country boy, in the morning dew

You gotta plant the seed, you gotta cut the weeds
There’s many a row you know you gotta hoe
When it’s quittin’ time, and your work is through
There’s alot of life in you

Country boy, you lucky thing
Country boy, I wish I was you, and you were me"

That’s the abridged version there.. I sniped out some bits, but you get the picture. I first heard this song on one of my old records (scratched and battered in my father’s basement. Nah it’s not his, it’s one of about 40 someone gave me/I found on my doorstep one day. A prized find, that and an acoustic version of ‘Colours’ by Donovan that I haven’t found anywhere else (CD or online).
   And it makes me think back to what I thought my life would be when I started out.
  I’m feeling particularly reminiscent today after talking about the future, predicting what our lives will be like in 5, 10, 25, 50 years (with a group of teens). And.. I feel bored with my answers, and disappointed looking ahead.
  I couldn’t say I’d be UN bored if I had followed my previous path, but… would I look fwd with disappointment? … have I done too much too fast hah.. or in the wrong order? 
    I often think about fields and creeks.. glens and shaded clearings hidden between maples, beyond pines. I thought, that was life. I thought that was where I’d spend the rest of my life – on a farm. Taking care of animals and minding my own business for the most part. No need for tv, newspapers, etc. They always brought more unhappiness than happiness my way.
   I thought the apex of my life would be climbing that giant Elm. And my biggest problem would be getting my daily work done before sunset (since I like to sleep in).
  Country boy.. you got a lot to lose.
    Where I grew up was damn near perfect, hell if it had mountains I’d say it is. I say mountains just because I like skiing. You could go cross country skiing there, but that’s more work than fun I think haha. But then if there were mountains near by, that might bring other problems, flooding or avalanches what have you. So, I guess it’s fine the way it is. You can go down to the beach and look at Blue Mountain across the bay.
    There’s something rewarding about hard labor haha. Honestly, I know that I’ve accomplished something after moving 800 bales of hay. When you work for a few hours and you’re dripping with sweat – you don’t feel lazy. You feel useful. I miss that.
  I hate being in a climate where I sit still and am soaking in my own sweat 😦 It’s miserable.
Country boy, I wish I was you, and you were me
   Now I’d change that one, although I wish I were you… I wouldn’t wish anyone to be me. It’d be like.. cruel and unusual punishment to throw someone into such a …. void. A meaningless null of existence.
     Sometimes.. I do with I lived in the past, maybe 60 years ago. See things ebb, and lose my grasp on things as the world spins out of control… such as the current condition.
   No wonder no one’s motivated to do anything, consider: the majority of people steering nations are over 50. They’re already lulled into a belief that we’re on the up and up. Understandbly, because for a long time (the entirity of their lives) WE HAVE been.
What a shock, what a jolt to the system this.. inkling that perhaps we’re not in control anymore???
   Maybe we’ve reached the apex and are now rolling steadily down hill… picking up momentum.
  It’s enough to make one fall into a coma, or just start drinking heavily and regularly.
"Country boy, ain’t got no ills
Country boy, don’t owe no bills"
   The sad fact is there’s not turning back, there aren’t many ‘country boys/girls’ out there the world isn’t hospitable for that anymore. We’re in a use and abuse situation. And everyone’s in it.
   Even if they refuse to acknowledge that fact.
   "But at the end of the day, when your work is done
     You ain’t got nothin’ but fun"
   That’s what we thought.. but, maybe we were busy having too much fun when we should have been working? I don’t know exactly where the mistakes were made and I’m not in a finger pointing mood .. but the real problem is finding a solution now.
     Or you won’t have a country to even sing about.

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