Meet Yolanda

Meet Yolanda.
  She has a   strange                    sense of humor. 
                               self mocking
She likes                       turtles.
                                           blue?         teal?
        Her favourite colour                                        is undecided.
                                silver?   peacock blue?
   She loves                              comfortable good quality shoes (which she is lacking at the moment).
   It is unfortunate.
She has an                                              occupation.
       in China …      that is questionable.
 She prefers
                      trains to buses, and buses to planes.
                              blue to red and purple to blue.
                birds to dogs and zebras to wolverines.
 Her favourite flower is actually not a ‘Yolanda’ (violet) but an orchid. Partly because they are edible (but they don’t taste good).
          She fears          what she   cannot
 She is going home
  Say goodnight to the Yolanda

About yolandalenin

I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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1 Response to Meet Yolanda

  1. Yue says:

    And Happy Birthday! haha 

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