Today’s reading:Smoke & the Greater Good

Two stories for me to discuss today; the first just makes me smile. Haha I love the headline:

Canadians smoke the competition

Are we really the world’s No. 1 potheads?

Here’s a snipet from the Maclean’s article:
 "Canada has the highest percentage of marijuana users among developed countries: 16.8% of Canadians between the ages of 15 and 64 used marijuana in 2004. That exceeds the 10.7% of the user population in Jamaica, where ganja is a cultural totem, and almost triples the 6.1% of users in the Netherlands, where the drug has been freely available to adults since 1976."
 Okay, just a second.. while I stop laughing…LOL… k, so I’m to understand .. haha.. that we ‘smoked’ the Netherlands?! jesus christ.. face it S. Harper, the shit’s legal whether u like it or not. hahahah.. we smoke more than Jamaica??? how is that possible   ?
Wow, I’m just.. … wow..
but don’t get too impressed, or break out the bong to celebrate just yet.. last paragraph cites:
"Boyd suggests that Canadians are more willing to admit their drug use because the penalties we face are of less significance than in some other countries, and because the stigma in Canada around using drugs like marijuana has diminished. Bigger dope fiends than the rest of the world? No — we’re probably just more honest about it."
Yea, we are pretty honest as a whole I think. And that’s another point.. considering we don’t face a death penalty for smokin or dealin probably makes us more likely to talk about it.
   Anyway, that aside… here’s one closer to home. I have long been advocating the 1 child policy go global. I think it’s a great idea. The majority if not ALL our problems as a race stem from the fact that there are too many people on this planet.
  I have a lot of problems with China, more after living here for a considerable amount of time. BUT.. BUT.. I can commend them on Onnneeee teeennyy tiny thing – one child policy is absolutely correct and necessary.
  The only policy I could possibly advocate more would be the ‘no child policy’ which one I personally champion.. but quietly lately cause if I say it loudly I lose suitors faster than you can say ‘dijorido’ – ooh there goes another one.. damnit!
  My point is men want children more than women do at this point –
   that’s the first indication that something in nature is wrong. There is an imbalance, it’s a sign to STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPP
anyway.. back to the article where someone more articulate than myself wrote what I would like to plainly express myself.

Please refrain from procreating

The fastest way to a greener planet? Some think a ban on procreation is simplest and best

BRIAN BETHUNE | August 6, 2007 | View at:

"because our activities now threaten our survival, or because the weight of humanity — all 6.5 billion planet-eating, carbon-spewing individuals"

"The Church of Euthanasia, for one, is proud to trumpet its four "pillars": abortion, suicide, cannibalism and sodomy. (By the last it means merely whatever form of non-procreational sex appeals to you.) "

>> Brilliant! I dont’ know about cannabalism, but I’m down with the other 3.. well.. hold on.. don’t take the ‘sodomy’ one as.. look I’m not talking about bum love and me in this article but I believe I’ve written about the rise of gays as the situation worsens. I swear to you that there truly are more homosexuals not because it’s less of sin in this day and age but because it makes sense, it’s an internal pull to STOP the madness (or at least reproducing). back to the article..

"If a gender-neutral one-child policy began tomorrow, our numbers at mid-century, currently projected to rise to nine billion, would drop to 4.5 billion. By 2075, we would have reduced our presence by almost half, down to 3.4 billion, and "our impact by much more, because so much of what we do is magnified by chain reactions we set off through the ecosystem." Keep it up for a century, and by 2100 our 1.6 billion descendants would be suffused with "the growing joy of watching the world daily become more wonderful."

>> What a wonderful world this would be. There, THERE lies the solution. STOP FUCKIN’ FUCKING. I’ve been saying this for.. how many years now?? ARGH.. okay.. u can fuck.. but just,

NO more babies.. or if you must.. ONE.. just one.. *sigh* then there’s twins and triplets.. well whatever.. I’ll deal with that by not having any. That should help to balance it out, me and a few close friends will just NOT reproduce and.. we’ll call it even.. things should average out haha.

   Now I know, I know there’s always those selfish people who scream "what about me!?" "What about my right to choose?!" And they cry invain because they feel I’ve stolen something they were born to have – right out of their grubby hands. But I haven’t, think of it reasonably. Everyone has a child to create happiness. Having a child is meant to be a selfless act, the number one priority should be the rights, thoughts, dreams, and happiness of the child. If happiness is paramount then … try to wrap your head around this. By having 5 children that’s 5 more mouths to feed, or more to the point – mouths that need water. In the next 50 years or less it’s estimated that what 1/4 – 1/3 of the world (mostly Asia) will have no.. I repeat, NO drinking water. Keeping this mind, what kindof a life can your offspring or anyone else’s hope to have? How happy can you be if you don’t even have water to drink?? What kindof a life is that?

  The choice is simple – there is no choice. You think of humanity as a whole and do what’s right for the greater good. OR you act selfishly and die knowing you left the world with even more problems than before and your children and grand children to bear the grunt of it – Nice. 

   Give it a thought… 

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