Seeking: 1 outspoken Siberian man

Right off the top, I want to start out by saying: I love this. Ha! This mayor is my kind of guy. When people keep giving you the ‘run around’ and not addressing the issue what do you do? BAN the phrases they keep feeding you! That is the ultimate answer, and I love it. Come on, there are no holes in this policy hahaha!! I think we should make it effective immediately in several – if not ALL – bureaus in all countries.

Have a read – it’s brief, I promise!

Don’t miss: the last sentence

Forbidden phrases

Sep 07, 2007 04:30 AM


Sick of civil servants’ excuses for not getting things done, an irate mayor in western Siberia has ordered them to stop using 27 specific phrases. No longer will Megion Mayor Alexander Kuzmin accept such justifications for staff inactivity as: “We’re having lunch,” or “What am I supposed to do?” or “The working day is over.”

Anyone ignoring the ban, and continuing to use forbidden expressions in Kuzmin’s presence, risks losing their job. The mayor said he wanted to hear practical solutions from an accountable civil service.

Of course, this being Siberia, it’s likely that Kuzmin’s idle staff will deploy other quite plausible excuses for not working, such as: “I’ve frozen my thumbs off,” or “The polar bears have eaten my report.”

Such a ban may be worth considering here, but it is hard to see how staff would cope without one forbidden Siberian phrase that has become painfully common at Toronto City Hall: “There’s no money.”


Some of the phrases:

It’s not my job.

It’s impossible.

I don’t know

I can’t

I’m having lunch.

There is no money.

I was away/sick/on vacation.

What am I supposed to do?

What can we do?

I’m not dealing with this.

The work day is over.

Somebody else has the documents.

That’s impossible.

Nobody told me.

But you said yourself . . .

But my assistant told me

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