Polar? Bipolar

 Yolanda was far to angry at this situation to bother
posting her hatemail to the world.. but I wanted to
put this up a while ago.. WHY IS THIS STILL AN
Arrggghhhhhh…. I’m surrounded by idiots!
This just in: Polar bears are screwed.
We all know what polar bears are; those lovely white
fuzzy bears that lounge around the Arctic drinking
cola. But what would happen if that unlimited supply
of ice for the cola ran out??
  That’s what they will face in 50 years or less.
We’ve all noticed the influx of temp. in the past
decade (or more, but our memories are selective),
"Despite any mitigation of greenhouse gases, we’re
going to see the same amount of energy in the system
for 20, 30 or 40 years,” the survey director, Mark
Myers, said.
In other words, even in the unlikely event that all
the major economies were to agree to rapid and
drastic reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide and
other greenhouse gases, the polar ice cap will
continue to shrink at a rapid pace for the next 50
years, wiping out much of the bears’ habitat.
The report makes no recommendation on listing the
bears as a threatened species or to take any action
to slow ice cap damage. Such decisions are up to
another Interior Department agency, the Fish and
Wildlife Service, which enforces the Endangered
Species Act.
Warming could kill off most polar bears: Study
Sep 08, 2007 04:30 AM
John H. Broder
Andrew C. Revkin
New York Times

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