Sand wich

Today I wanted to eat a crossiant from home. So before I left for work I grabbed one and put it in a small plastic bag sitting on my desk. I put it in my purse and went to work. Once I arrived I took out my crossiant to eat breakfast only to find it was covered in sand. 😦
     Now I don’t like eating sand and I don’t know anyone who does.. so why would I put sand on my food? ahh… I’m an idiot, that’s the bag I had seashells in earlier – I took out the shells but the sand remained.
  In case you’re wondering; yes I did eat a bite… but I couldn’t dust it off sufficiently to get around that gritty between your teeth feeling. So I had to give in – I was defeated.
     I have eaten a true sandwich. sandAnshell
             I don’t recommend it.

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1 Response to Sand wich

  1. cory says:

    yo, does the crosssiant has the flavor of seafood?~~ Mussel?  hahahaha …. maybe if u drink some water it can taste like seafood chowder…. lol~!

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