swirling swirling winter whirling

Well… that was interesting.
   Too bad I’m too lazy to keep a diary. And I’ve forgotten all but the events that are personal and only important to me. Oh well guess I’ll just have to start some more craziness. This weekend should be promising. When’s the last time you went to the zoo with a stranger? It’s not as scandelous as it might seem. I picture it going similar to an episode of Curious George. Where the man with the big hat takes George out and George (played by me) is his natural mischievous self and stumbles upon some fun activities that end up in chaos or at least breaking something. But it’s okay because the man with the big yellow hat will get him out of it.
   Curious George the curious little monkey… de dee do do do doo dooo
  I feel like eating a banana now, isn’t that how the show always ended.. the man would give George a banana and a pat on the head? Where’s mine ?

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I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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