The Moral Compass / Beacon of Ethics

   What is the world coming to?
   I have to laugh to myself, yesterday.. I got a call from someone. He used to work with me at this company and I gave him English lessons. He called me from Shanghai to ask me what to do. *puzzled* See, he was working at his third job there in 6 months and again bored and very unsatisfied. Not to mention living poorly with the expenses of Shanghai. He told me about a job he was thinking of applying for, about his dreams, about how he didn’t want to ask his parents for money for further schooling and was trying to do it on his own.
    All commendable and I wish him the best of luck in reaching all his goals. … however, I thought to myself … why would he turn to me??
  Of all the people u know, and China is the most populous nation … why would you call an old english instructor to ask for advice in steering your life :S
   This has the two-fold effect of one – boosting my ego (haha like I need help doing that) but also it worries me. It’s a prime example of the blind leading the blind. I don’t know what to say.. and I’m really not sure how to help you cause I’m in the same position in my own life. I cannot guide you if I haven’t passed this way before. I’m still here doing circles in the same old rut and… not satisfied either. I’d like to help you… but… I don’t think I’m qualified. All I can do is heheh ask ‘concept check questions’ 😛 and try to get you to work out your answer (really all answers are inside oneself aren’t they?)
  Next up,
  I read something this morning that apalled me.. but that’s becoming a daily experience.. if only I had earphones I’d visit every morning instead of reading news .. or worse – Ughhhh..such rubbish.
"Right now, plenty of people can’t afford to have ethics. They’re increasingly squeezed by the rising costs of housing, food, child care and other expenses" — not to mention gas.  -Donna Freedman  [*cited below]
 . . .
    okay… I’d like anyone and EVERYONE to tell me how much ‘ethics’ cost. Right now. Tell me, are they really so expensive? and how about Human rights? Is there a sale on that somewhere?
  Hrmm… child care or ethics … hrm.. gas or ethics.. . hrm… which one is more important to me…
   The reality is that things like ethics, morals, basica human rights, respect… so on.. cost nothing.
Nothing but a sort of caring fee. You have to care  about people besides yourself to have these things. You have to extend a piece of yourself to others including those you don’t like. Including those you ‘hate’, including the young and old, the black, white, red, yellow, brown.. whatever. It means seeing people as people just like you.
   When people are upset with ‘countries paying criminally low wages’, it’s not because you want to pay more for the goods it’s because you want them to be able to enjoy life. Isn’t that something everyone can agree is right?
  Some people argue there are no definate ‘right’s and ‘wrong’s; I’d say even me. BUT.. but there are some things I think everyone can agree on regardless of race, religion, status, wealth… life should not be filled with suffering. Okay, pain lets us know we’re a live.. it’s good to feel and you can’t have sunshine without some rain … but everything in moderation. Ethics are not a fad, nor a trend. They are not something you can just toss to the wayside and pick up later on if u you feel like it. That mentality is sick. It’s not only harmful to others.. it’s harmful for you. I blame the disconnect on urban living, some how people think they can remove themselves from the cycle of things. But really you can’t. If you’re too busy for ethics of others why should u have the benifit?
   You get what you give.
     Why not give a little more than that?

What’s to love — and not — about dollar stores

By Karen Datko
March 31, 2008

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       You get what you give." heheh"

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