Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you

  it has been a lonnnnng long time since I’ve written (or attempted) anything on this page.

 What’s new.. not much. The Midland/Penetanguishene area hasn’t changed since.. hrm… I’d say 1992 or whenever it was they blew up (knocked down) the grain elevators on the bay. Anyway.. due to this boredom (I’m bored because I’m waiting for something next year.. fingers croOOSssseddddd!) I’ve had to keep an open mind when it comes to ways of escaping my cell in the basement besides work (which isn’t even that much since I asked for only a few hours).
      Last night, or this morning (as it was 1am) I got an invite  .. kindof invite… to go to Casino Rama. Now, let me be the first to say – I don’t like Ramma I’m a fan of Casino Niagara for various reasons – it’s prettier.. it’s newer (in fact i haven’t even been in the new one they built) and my teacher for bartending 101 was the food and beverage manager .. annnnndd had I decided to stay the summer in the Welland/Niagara area .. well perhaps I would have made a lot more money working at that casino bartending than the hotel I worked at… but then if we think of that ‘what if’ might as well continue to speculate that then perhaps I wouldn’t have traveled.. spent 5 years bartending and working on films part time and.. well I don’t think I’d know half the things I picked up along the route I did actually take. So… I don’t regret it.   Anyway.. where was I… .. do d. do.. do.. ah yes, Casino Niagara is great. That’s what I meant to say. Of course.. I haven’t been to any in the US .. .. hrm.. Vegas anyone? Let’s go see Wayne Newton impersonators! Woohoo.. though I’d prefer Elvis.. it’s the hair.

  Sooooo I said no.  haha.. went something like this:
    1:04am ‘want to go to Rama?’
  Yolanda: ‘nope, I was just about to go to sleep’
   ‘are you sure? I’ve got 1,000 dollars to play with’
   Yolanda: ‘ .. hrm… … well I am starving … .. do u think there’s anywhere to buy food?’
   ‘yea they have three restaurants’
   Yolanda: ‘ are any of those three open at this time? .. how about Arbys? Isn’t there an Arbys in Orillia.. I’d like that.’
  ‘the restaurants are open.. theyre open 24hrs’
   Yolanda ‘who’s driving?’
 …. . .. of course me..
  Yolanda ‘you’re paying for the gas’
  ‘of course’
Yolanda ‘and if you win you have to buy me dinner.. so hungry.’

So we drove for about an hour, got there .. I got a fantastic black forest ham with Brie and Honey Dijon sandwich.. mmmmmm followed by a giant chocolate chip cookie, which was possibly *shock* too chocolately for me.

First it was slots … his 10 dollar bill got chomped on a bit.. and the machine wrinkled and folded it so that u had to stick your finger in to get it out. I took this time to sell my friend on the idea of getting a free ‘player’s card’ so that even if he did donate 1,000 bucks to the casino he’d get something for it .. like some cashback or tickets to a concert (and if he didn’t want them he could give em to me!)
  We signed up for cards and went back to the same slot machines.. I handed over 5 bucks to mine rather quickly 😦 So I thought.. okay.. I’ll just feed it 10 more.. but try not to give away all of it. I hate slots, I played for a bit and decided to take back 6 of my 10 dollars 😦 . My loss for the night: a big ole $9.00  😦 but the sandwich was totally worth the 7 bucks it cost. Next time – I’ll buy two sandwiches and call it paradise… I mean ‘profit’.
    My friend let the machine eat his 20.00 and spit out nothing but his player’s card with some points on it.
 Off to Blackjack .. I’ve never played cards in a casino, that’s a priviledge I reserve for only close friends to see – me trying to play cards heheh. It’s like handing a 5 yr old an ant farm and telling her to count all the ants inside with the added stipulation – don’t shake it! … I often drop cards.. can’t count worth shit … what is 5 hearts and 3 diamonds.. that’s like 6 hearts right? ARGH this is like apples and oranges?!  heheh… And then some of the cards are black.. red.. .I .. really can’t decipher numerals.
   Back to my friend, he doubled his money. So I said – okay let’s go now! Quickly before you give it all back.
 : /  To the roulette table.  … he asked me to place a 100 dollar chip 😦 I said ‘you are aware you’ll never see this again, right?’ … he was fine with that.. and I sacrificed it on a black rectangle.. poor thing.
    He made 500.oo+ or so there, back to Blackjack .. I’m not sure how much he had in hand when he said ‘he let’s go in here’ to the little area that’s sectioned off for ‘big spenders’. But I know it was 3:30am, cause the deal was 2 hours and we go home. I wasn’t going to stay up all night in a plce full of losers and Asian gamblers who.. kindof worry me. BTW since when is Cantonese (or traditional Chinese characters) our second official language?? I saw at least one sign in the casino written in English and Cantonese (Trad. characters) : / Even more odd – a few of the gamblers there on this late/early morning were Thai (why not put a sign in EVERY Asian language then?)
   Ohh  Get this, in the big spenders area you don’t enter a black jack game already opened… u start ona fresh deck and get to cut it yourself :S weird, eh? So we had a table to ourselves with our Swedish dealer and he continued to double the little stacks of chips he put on the table. I kindof get the illusion that Swedes are a very generous race after this show. Losing only two deals.. two ‘pushes’ (apparently then your count equals the dealer’s you both try again) and countless wins later it was bout 4am. ‘Time to goo!’ 😀
  I was yawning all over the place…  I just yawned thinking bout it..
    In the end? Despite my negativity hehe and constant ‘no no no no DON’T put the 500.00 chips on the table! Put ’em in your pocket! they’ll just take it away from you..’  ‘quickly let’s go before they change their minds…’ ‘ no no no bird in the hand..’
  hehehe.. at one point in the ‘high tables’ (min. $100 dollar bet please, max 2,500.00) a woman supervising our table asked him ‘sir, would you like me to remove her? She seems to be inhibiting your game play.’   : o   To which I reminded him – They’re getting paid to say that too you – I’m a third party .. completely unbiased here cause I get gas money whether you win or lose! I’m just saying: take the money and run!

   He did take the money… with shakey hands.. and heheh I tipped the dealer 100.00 when he threw him a couple scrap 25.00 chips. Me: ‘oh, now that’s insulting – 50 bucks? Do you know how much money this guy just handed over to u? Really he deserves 100… *mumbling* I feel like we robbed the place.. let’s get out of here’
    My friend cashed out his 6,900.00 (sorry I ruined it form being an even 7,000… but 69 IS one of my favourite numbers.. heheheheh).  And we went home… along the way he kept thinking ‘what if I played longer’ ‘what if I stayed one more..’  to which I had the answer to put his mind to rest ‘You would have lost it all.. had no money to give me for gas and had to walk back to Midland … hungry, cold, and wet from the mist. 😀 Aren’t u glad we left when we did? I am!’

      The moral of the story is : Be at the right place at the right time. And if you can’t be, watch those who are.. it’s something to do. That’s probably how TV got invented. 5,900 dollars pay for 2 hours worth of ‘work’ is Pretty damn good! Despite my friend blaming /thanking me as though IIII was the one who brought him luck – ha!  I continue to be me.. perhaps a little less lucky than usual. :S I .. here’s an example of what I mean..

  I am on facebook often.. and by often I mean… all day (not EVERYDAY.. but.. pretty close). And I like to deal with points that don’t actually cost me anything to collect.. so that when I spend them – meh who cares? It’s just a virtual measurement of all the hours of my life I’ve thrown away looking at this computer screen – no biggie. So I checked up on one application I hadn’t looked at in a while.. it collects ficticious cash while I’m away becase I own ficticious properties.. such as a gym, restaurant and internet cafe. I had a tidy sum of 93,000 sitting there so I bought another gyme and was playing around.. then I discovered a new button. Keep in mind  – this application is written entirely in Traditional Chinese characters. : / I’m pretty shit at reading Simplified (cause I know very few) but I recognize nearly nothing in Traditional form. So uusssuually I copy and paste into a translation device and try to figure it out.. and if I can’t – I’ll message a friend and ask him what it means.
  Today was different. I saw.. "You blah blah blah blah… 70,000 .. blah blah blah.  agree / disagree?" So I was like hrm.. perhaps it means I spend 70,000 to get something.. or I get 70,000. Eithrway.. if I lose it no big deal cause I have 93,000 I won’t be broke. But if I MAKE 70,000 then I can buy a Bar (which is something I’ve been saving up for). So I clicked agree …
      I suddenly had ONLY 70,000 in my purse. :S  .. what just happened.  ahahha NOW I decide to translate what that little button thing said.
  Basically it was like ‘sell all your possessions to the bank and get 70,000 in exchange!  :S   So.. I gave away all my virtual worldly posessions for less than what I had to start with…
  Some would say that’s very dumb – I say yes, yo’re right. BUT it was an experience and now I’m learning to develop my finances much more efficiently… in… a .. virtual setting.


    Well that’s it for today… ‘Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you’ to use a quote from The Big Lebowski.

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