If they say Why? Why? Tell em that it’s human nature.. why why..

Wow, I’ve got to say even I’m surprised at how hard I’m taking the passing of Michael Jackson.
Most of you probably don’t even know I was a fan. Sure, I was more of a fan during the Bad era into Dangerous, and that was a while ago.. but still he made an impression on me. I used to watch Moonwalker everytime I visited my uncle’s house. I listened to the Thriller album on vinyl, and wondered if the tiger bit him while taking the picture for the inside cover. The video for Thriller ALWAYS insured nightmares.. *shudder* the first part where he turns into a werewolf.. gets me everytime. When I was very young I asked my mother one day as we were driving home and a Michael Jackson song came on the radio: ‘um.. is Micheal Jackson a boy or a girl?’ heheh my father laughed and my mother was a bit upset that I couldn’t tell heheh.

   Anyway, I’m sure he meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people – across the world. I know this after getting off the phone with a friend of mine in China heheh and singing a few of our favourites. ‘Remember ‘heal the world’?  .. hahah and we’d start singing that… or Thriller.. or I’ll be there.. or.. Dangerous..

    So long Michael, we all hope you found peace. .. some joke ‘he achieved singularity and went off to space’, apparently that’s from his video game Moonwalker? I don’t know..

    I feel sorry that for a long time (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) it’s felt like.. something one has to keep secret – actually liking Micheal Jackson.
 Why? Because of two accusations which were proven false? Is that enough to turn you against someone? No it’s not… and even more sad is – why do people always love you when you’re gone? The present is a present/gift … but we don’t care til it’s gone. I’m trying to think what made MJ a ‘freak’ ‘weirdo’ etc as he’s often called. Was it because he never grew up? During his trial he had a psychologist exam him and come to the conclusion he had the mind of a 10 yr old boy. Well what do you expect, the guy was forced to perform like a circus pony from age 8 .. he never had a chance to grow up and perhaps never knew what anyone would term as ‘normal’. In addition to being on stage all the time was some wicked force to always get things right, do it perfectly.. or else? Face a beating from your father… like being held upside down by one leg and pummeled repeatedly.    The man that arose from this childhood was perhaps the best alternative you could hope for – someone who genuinely cared about the well being of others and did not wish to hurt anyone.

      If that’s weird to us.. we are really the demented ones.

   Anyway, I have my reasons to miss him … hopefully you have yours. And if you have no memory of this man – I really pity you.
  He was more than just a voice with fancy footwork, he was a catalyst.

  what do I mean?

     Catalyst /ˈkætlɪst/
     a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.
If you don’t know the song feel free to look it up:

 Human Nature, Michael Jackson

    Just had it in my head this moring and thought I’d share.

Rest in Peace.

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