One week down, countless more to go…

Looking back on a week’s worth of knowledge/stupidity.
  This is the condensed version I assure you.
#7. I think my new favourite song is DaCuoLe by Wang Fei.
   My computer came with ‘MusicBox’ on it, it’s this program (not so English user friendly..sorry.. but you can try if you like) that can be dled here:
 Basically,it’s like a media player.. minus the time it takes to dl torrents and slow streaming (at least.. if you’re in China it’s pretty much instant.. videoes,music). Anndd most songs have lyrics (for those training for KTV at home presumably).
   The best part? I can now sample tons of Chinese music and trrrryyy to sift through to find decent songs :S .. this is a terrifically difficult task I assure you WITHOUT wasting money or time buying or dling them.. just click listen for 3 seconds and try again.
    BUT, I will recommend this disco inspired beaut: 打错了 by: 王菲 DaCuoLe by Faye Wong.
      … don’t ask me what the song is about.. haven’t gotten that far. haha I just like it.
#6. I believe that drinking walnut milk saves me time and money.
  That’s right I’ve discovered a new nutty beverage. I used to like walnut milk .. then they stopped selling it. BUT NOW, I discover ..I can buy a combo drink in a bag.. yes.. a bag for 2yuan. It’s Walnut & Peanut milk. If only there was calcium in it… I don’t know.. trying to read the package..doesn’t seem to.. have nutritional value- probably just an oversight, right?
5. See you, See me – Sea it together…
  Thursday afternoon I finished my second Junior 2 (gr. 8) class.. apparently they were happy. One teenaged boy told a teacher in the hall ‘class was beautiful!’ haha.
 But what really made me laugh was their farewell. As I was leaving the class they were all ‘goodbye’ ‘byebye’ but one kid wanted to show off and say ‘C U!’ haha..
  This prompted the class of 50+ students to sing together ‘Cee you, see me … seay it together!’ while swaying LOL. I love how one kid’s attempt at a casual adios turns into a goofy love song.
#4. What would you like for dinner?

  I’ll eat whatever, 但是我不吃辣的 (I can’t eat spicy dishes).一点点可以 (a little spicy is okay)
  … so what do they do? Take me to ChongQing hotpot.. jesus christ.
   LOL ChongQing – in case you don’t know – is world famous for having THE spiciest hotpot. lol… but they did have 不辣的 (non spicy soup), phew.
#3.They call me GaoShou.
  Here’s my advice to you:
            1. play pool for years.
            2. Find people who don’t play pool.
            3. Take them to the pool hall.
            4. Laugh.
   okay.. I’m cruel.. yes, it’s true.
 But I like pool.. no matter how crappy I or my opponent plays. 
  By some.. total freak of nature I was.. (I think one of the guys wasn’t really trying) the best one at the table. So.. I earned the name ‘High Hand’ 高手 .. which is like ‘Pro’. LOL
  Really, I’m sure we can all agree .. I’m 新手 – New Hand aka Really-sucky-pool-player.
#2. You know Chinese painting?
Me:  I.. know of Chinese painting and calligraphy, yes.
Chinese man:  You like?
Me:  I like many/various art forms.
Chinese man:  Do you like oil painting?
Me: Yes, it’s very common..I’ve seen more oil painting’s than Chinese watercolours.
Chinese man:  Which do you like better oil painting or Chinese painting?
Me: ..  I like pictures from each style, it depends on the individual picture.
   (evidently this was the wrong answer hahah cause he stopped talking to me lol!)

   Look, I’m Canadian.. you’re entitled to believe China’s the best country in the world if you like – cause you’re from China. I, however, do not have to subscribe to that view. I can believe Sweden’s the best country in the world if I like – because I’m Canadian. And we’re 慊虚 – self-effacing.
#1 All the ‘food’ people in Canada are missing out on…
Chinese man: Do people in your country know you can eat all this? Pig’s ears, pig’s feet, tail?
Me: …um.. *snicker* well.. we know you can. We just choose not to.
   *Laugh outright..*
Chinese man: But it’s good, yes?
MeIt’s.. edible. *polite smile*
Some people speak Chinese at the table.. about how foreigners don’t know delicious..
  I had to.. I just had to say something hehehehehhehe *evil laugh*
Actually, in Canada we do prepare pig’s ears..we cook them til they are really crispy .. and.. um, give them to dogs.
   LOL   hey, it’s true.. hahaha .. I’m just sayin’
     (the best part of this – there wasnothing a Canadian/ European person would call ‘meat’ on the table Chicken breasts, thighs, or ground pork.. porkchops.. nope.)

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