“we are extremely disappointed”

  I am disappointed too. Your silence is deafening

  If humanity decides together what is right for humanity they would choose – fair, unbiased and clear consequences for crimes that you are proven (not assumed) guilty of. Defining what is a crime.. is far trickier BUT everyone, wants and deserves the aforementioned …no matter their ethnicity, nationality, or gender.

    Have a read below, or view the original at: http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/723147–china-executes-9-uighurs-over-deadly-july-riots

  Now, I can’t say anything about their guilt or fair trial.. because haha, that’s behind locked doors in China’s law process. BUT,I will ask you if you think it is fair, just, and .. right to give "no specific date or other details." Regarding the time of death, method, condition of inmates/perpetrators? Why don’t we know this, I’m wondering what was done to them prior to death.. or if their death sentence was carried out in what the UN, rest of the world considers ‘humane’ ?

  AND MOST OF ALL… if China is the up-and-comer.. and a contender for world leader – WHY ARE WE NOT SAYING OR DOING SOMETHING NOW?

    Sometimes, it’s like North America spawned a child but don’t raise it. Instead of teaching it self-control we just stand back and watch it break the rules we follow… why? You think it doesn’t affect you?

   To quote Jamiroquai "when you gonna learn?"

   "Your silence is your defeat.
Sulocana Dasa Dec. 12, 1985
    Yolanda: "I concur."

China executes 9 Uighurs over deadly July riots

November 09, 2009

Christopher Bodeen

– Nine Uighurs have been executed for taking part in ethnic rioting
that left nearly 200 people dead in July, the first suspects put to
death in the unrest, the official China News Service reported Monday.

nine were put to death recently after a final review of the verdicts by
the Supreme People’s Court as required by law, the news service said,
but gave no specific date or other details.

They had been
convicted of murder and other crimes committed during the riots in the
western city of Urumqi in China’s worst ethnic violence in decades.

of people were rounded up in the wake of the riots, in which Uighurs
attacked members of China’s Han ethnic majority on July 5, only to face
retaliatory attacks two days later. Uighurs are a Turkic Muslim ethnic
group linguistically and culturally distinct from the Han and many
resent Beijing’s heavy-handed rule in Xinjiang, their traditional

China blames the rioting on overseas-based groups
agitating for broader rights for Uighurs in Xinjiang. Four months after
the violence, Xinjiang remains smothered in heavy security, with
Internet access cut and international direct dialling calls blocked.

news service said another 20 people were indicted on Monday on charges
related to the deaths of 18 people and other crimes committed during
the riots. All but two of the prisoners listed in the report had Uighur
sounding names, with the others appearing to be Han.

Uighur activist Dilxat Raxit condemned the executions as motivated by
politics and the need to appease Urumqi’s angry Han residents, who
marched in the thousands through the city in September to demand trials
of those responsible for the July violence and the perpetrators of a
bizarre series of hypodermic needle attacks.

"We don’t think they
got a fair trial, and we believe this was a political verdict," said
Raxit, who serves as spokesman for the Germany-based World Uyghur

"The United States and the European Union did not put
any pressure on China or seek to intervene and for that we are
extremely disappointed," he said.

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