Christmas spirit

A bit of writing after the disappointment that is Christmas in China.
   If you don’t know what a holiday/festival is about… how can you celebrate it?
           It’s just another day in China… face it.

  You cannot find Christmas in a store, shop, or restaurant.
    It cannot be boxed, bagged, bought or sold.
    "Christmas" is a fleeting moment, a warm emotion enveloping you.
       Glittering in the frosty dust on snowladen trees,
          smoldering in the hearth,
        it’s an annual awakening from the slumber of the everyday,
       refreshing as crisp morning air
     It rises from our mouths when we sing carols in the Canadian winter air.

       Christmas requires no expensive gifts, decorated trees, fancy dress or Santa costumes.
       Your only obligation is to show your heart to those dearest to you.
        It kindles that small flame inside of us all so we have inner warmth for another year.

    There is more .. but I think I’ve put the best part up here.

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