Canadians DO own the podium – we built it


   I am cut off from Facebook so this is my only platform to air any
opinions I happen to have and think are worth airing. Seems even the
Toronto Star is cutting me off lately.. I might work on resetting my
password later but for now I’ll attack the media from here.

The story:

Is dream of ‘owning’ podium slip-sliding away?

Our Olympic brain trust may have created impossible expectations

February 20, 2010–is-dream-of-owning-podium-slip-sliding-away

   Now, I put down a lot of people.. possibly everyone (myself
included).. and we all saw this coming. First off, our flagbearer,
world champ 4 times in a row.. Nesbitt? I think is her name.. I totally
called it – she won’t make it to the finals. Yep, it’s a fact, we can
win the world titles win every competition but when it comes to the
Olympics – we prefer to let others have a taste of gold.

    Hehehe, I don’t know why.. that’s just the way it is. So whyyyyy is
it EVERY, not once in a while, not just when we host, EVERY Olympics
Canada sets out to suddenly blow our past out of the water. How? I
don’t know, I guess by throwing a bit of money into new sporting venues
and trainers about 1 to 4 years ahead of the games. And of course –
talking big. It’s not that we’re so arrogant and ignorant to facts that
we go into the games chanting positively… boasting.. and hoping
to ‘Own the Podium’. Hey, who goes into a competition thinking ‘let’s
aim for mediocre’ or ‘Bronze or bust’ … no. THAT would be an insult
to our athletes.

  For us NOT to express confidence and our full backing of the people
we put into the games – THAT would be wrong. I couldn’t believe the
shit I was reading about.. oh Canadians aren’t Canadian anymore..
they’re not modest or humble. HEY, that’s for after the games.. going
into it.. it’s like when you’re in your teens and anything is possible.
Your fate hasn’t be decided, you haven’t flunked Physics and Chem..
narrowing your career choices, study options for college/university.
And you haven’t applied and been rejected by 3 of the 4 schools you put
down on your form…. and then of course the reality of funds (OSAP or
your parents .. or both) hasn’t hit you either. No, when you’re 15, 16,
maybe even 17.. ANYTHING is possible.

    Who of you hasn’t aimed higher than you could reach? Thought you
could climb that mountain you slid down? Or realized firsthand that it
"looks easier than it actually is"? There isn’t a person alive who is
without ambition, be it one or many. You know how I know this? Cause if
you didn’t have that urge to do something, you wouldn’t leave your
bed.. perhaps you wouldn’t even be laying on a bed.

  There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. So what if you don’t reach
your dreams this year, this time.. or at these games.. What does it
matter? Are the Olympics really a personal goal or is it a Nation’s

   Now the easy conclusion here is to say, ah, Yolanda you’re putting
down the games cause you lost… are losing. No, actually, I don’t care
too much about the games or sports in general.. my favourite sport is
um.. billiards and even then how often do I watch? I do enjoy watching
the Olympics when given the chance heheh.. most recently I watched many
hefty women do the luge.. I think .. Russia.. no.. I forget who won
now. But that’s just it – do you remember all the winners of the
events? Does it make it less interesting if your country’s not
competing? Some people might answer those with a yes.. but I don’t know
those people haha.. I don’t think so. Cause that’s a pretty simple way
to view the world. If the only way you can judge people is by how many
pieces of gold they hang around their neck.. or their fastest time… I
doubt you’re much good at conversation hehe.

      Apparently we did shitty at the Calgary games.. but I didn’t know
that. What I remember are the collector’s glasses my dad bought from
the gas bar haha. And they started a new program in schools with a
chart of events/activities and expectations for our ages. If you
reached the goal (set nationally) you earned a
little Olympic patch. I still treasure my bronze .. I think it was for
the 50m… though I really wanted a shiny silver one.

   People have qualities that are not quantitative. You can’t measure
the good of a person with any scale, ruler, or timer out there. So, the
long winded point of today is – all our athletes owned the podium..
cause they made it in. If you qualified, and haha.. made it through
drug testing and went out and did your best – what more can we ask of
you? That’s it, that’s all. I hate to think that any of our or.. any
country’s athletes pay attention to the media. What a load of kaif/shit.
    As though they disappoint an entire country if they don’t get gold,
and we’ll only applaude them for reaching the top..anything else isn’t
good enough.

   I do not feel disappointed by any of them. And I don’t think you should unless You could
have done better. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t pass drug tests..
cause that’s part of your work/job.. don’t do drugs when you’re in a
competition duh. But as for competing and coming in 9th .. or not
making the semi-finals.. fuck ’em. It doesn’t matter. Whether
you win or lose it doesn’t matter, hah you did a better job out there
than I would. We’re here to play, work, do whatever… the best way we
know how. And if that’s the ‘Canadian’ attitude; there are a lot more
Canadians out there than we have passports for. That’s not a nation’s
attitude, that’s a people’s attitude. And people are people no matter
which colours/uniform/flag they wear.

    For those of you can’t appreciate that, less than first isn’t
enough; I hope you  have a good life striving for whatever you’re
striving for… but I don’t feel the need to be like you.

     So, whether Canada gets 10 medals or 20.. good job guys (and girls – for those who don’t like being called "guy").

  BUT, if we don’t make it to the finals in hockey.. that’s a disgrace. Hahahhahahahhh heheheheheh… I miss Lemieux. 

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