12 hours to go…

It’s been 50 years since Canada last beat Russia in the Olympics, a streak that won’t be easily ended Wednesday


   Alright, I’m not much into sports.. but this match-up always interests me. As a person raised on old textbooks and encyclopedia containing mainly ‘Cold War’ info; I grew up with equal parts respect and distrust for Russia (then the USSR).

    Further that, the last Olympics I followed was Lillihammer (1994?) and … though I don’t remember much I do remember how the Canada-Russia game ended.Went overtime.. overtime.. then finally something called ‘sudden death’. I’d never even heard of this before… they just do shootouts til someone scores.. and that’s it – they win. We were close..clink the post close … one more chance and we’ll get it.. if our goalie can keep oneee more out…… nope. Russia won.

  That’s the story… we come close… but not close enough.

   Dear Team Canada,

           Sorry, but there’s only one thing you can do so that your fellow Canadians don’t oust you completely. We [the nation] seriously considered it after you did that deer in the headlights thing in the US-Canada game. Here’s some dos and don’ts:

   DO  ~ Keep ahead, if you can’t keep close (don’t even think of doing some crazy suspense ploy like ‘hey, it’s cool… we’ll let them score 10 in the first period..but we’ll catch up’)
           ~ Stay out of the penalty box.
           ~ MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR POWERPLAYS (ahhhhhhhhh.. that was one thing I noticed in the past..such a waste)
           ~ Give more than your all.
           ~ Avoid Ovechkin, unless you can get him in the penalty without breaking.. 4 to 6 of your bones.
           ~ Keep them on the defense.. hell, don’t even let the puck get on our side of the oval.

  DON’T ~ Get crushed by Ovechkin
               ~ Let the Commie propaganda/mind games get to you.
               ~ Give up or do less than your best… we’ll know. And we won’t let you forget it.
               ~ Leave the net open.
               ~ Lose .. it’s about time.. come on.. playing the odds… nothing in 50 years.. It’s About Time.
               ~ Forget, there are other games BUT this is the only one in your career that actually matters.

Next up


FACEOFF: 7:30 p.m. (CTV)


Canada: Dany Heatley (4-2-6)

Russia: Evgeni Malkin (3-2-5)

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