gotta stop giving away what you can’t afford to lose

 Weeeellllllll.. right about now it’s become apparent that 2010 is following down the landslide that was 2009. No turnaround here.. coming close to the halfway point of the year.. … hard to be optimistic.

   Basically, what I’m saying is.. if I were you.. I’d be buying Yolanda stocks.. or waiting … cause I’m not sure if I’ve hit the bottom yet. Everytime I think to myself – hey this is like the most depressing thing besides coming down from a weeklong high … I am proven wrong. Sooooo……

   Let’s try and think positively here, I have something to look fwd to – yet another extravagant Yolanda farewell tour. I love my farewell tours.. what this means is.. drinks.. dinners .. possibly dancing and drugs with people I actually like. Some people enjoy that flavour every weekend.. I don’t push the envelope. Once a year is enough for me, oh wait.. twice haah… forgot my birthday (when it’s celebrated). I usually like my birthday but it hasn’t been very nice to me either lately.

   Yea, if you’re thinking this is an entry more appropriate for Yolanda’s diary you’d be right.. but IIIIIII know that no one actually reads this so – same difference. ha.

   Cheer up Yolanda.. tell them about the special stop on the tour.
  Ah yes, I’m particularly excited about my first trip to Amsterdam. AND IT BETTER BE BETTER THAN ENGLAND ffs. That will go down like an open pit mine in my memory. Come on Amsterdam – let me through customs!! … ah.. how my standards have dropped. I used to hope for good jobs, good salary.. a wonderful man.. now? I just ask countries to let me in to see my friends/family.  haah…. who saw this coming?

        Seriously, how many friends do you have that you haven’t seen in 5 years? I suppose it’s not that uncommon but.. I don’t like it. And I don’t want to try for 6 years or .. more.

 " so far away .. so far away… so far away …. so far away…"
   I guess I’m at my best when I’m miles away… like Madonna said  (yea, a there’s a prophet for you kids.. hehehehahahhaahhhhh.)

. aw.. time to go back to the farm. I don’t get townies.. and cityslickers even less.

    *waving the white flag* call it whatever you like.

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