"Aw, for fucksakes…" I mumbled to myself leaving the teacher’s office. Apparently I said that at the same time a boy in front of me swore in Chinese haha… which is good because it totally took away any attentive ears from hearing me swear. The boy covered his mouth quickly and looked at me (a little afraid that I understood.. I didn’t actually hear what he said), I just gave him a stern look and said ‘WHAT?’ haha.. and kept walking.

   .. it’s amazing, truly amazing. 1 – I often think that it’s me, I’M the one who constantly repeats mistakes.

 But I would be wrong, because in fact LOTS of people repeat their mistakes.. and especially after you’ve told them/asked them to STOP.

   Today’s example? Ohhh it’s coming!

      Over the past week I had planned to go to Chengdu immediately following my classes on Friday (which usually finish at 1:40pm) to buy my ticket to Hefei to see some people. I like to have my train tickets at least a week in advance, usually buy them the max: 10 days ahead.. but I was 7 days.

  I have asked my head teacher.. oh.. 2 or 3 times to confirm whether I’m working next Friday or not.. and each time I get a different answer. So I decided, screw it.. do I really want to stay another day? No.. I’ll just buy the Friday ticket instead of Sat.. and if there are classes – they’re not with me.. because you DIDN’T tell me in advance.
        don’t waste my time.

   Friday June 4th rolls around, finished my morning classes.. had my lunch quickly .. as Friday lunches are typically 45min.. then afternoon classes begin at 1pm instead of 2:30.. so people can leave early on Friday.  .. Surpriseeee… I go to my afternoon class to find 50 students sleeping in a darkened classroom … hrm.. so I stuck my head in the door and one boy informed me that today classes begin at 2.. you can even ask the teacher.

  So I called my head teacher… ‘oh I forgot, classes will begin at 2:30pm today’… okay.. why didn’t you tell me that before? ‘also, you have classes tomorrow.’ … Um.. Tomorrow is Saturday. ‘Yes, we’re teaching Monday’s classes tomorrow.. but you only have to do the 3 morning classes.’ ….

… …  … whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???
  So.. okay, that kind of fucks up my Chengdu plan.. do I go today and I’m sure I’ll get the ticket I want.. or wait.. but .. possibly not get the ticket I want.. and.. I think lines are longer on weekends.. oh and there’s dragonboat festival coming.. and those tickets will become available about this time.. so I’ll be waiting behind lumps of people wanting tickets for other days.. bahh…. but if I go after classes today (3:30).. I won’t get to the train station til about.. 5.. 5:30pm.. and buses to DaYi stop running at 7pm.. so.. .. then, I won’t have time to do my grocery shopping (another reason I go to Chengdu).. if I can make the last bus.. or.. I’d have to stay overnight at hostel.. costing more money.. then rush back for Saturday morning classes (9:30am)…
               oh for fucksakes … you people fuck up my plans every time you give me some last minute information.

    So I went.. because I asked someone if they could buy my ticket – but they didn’t reply. So I did what I usually do in these situations, ask myself – would you feel better if you went.. despite the extra expense of a hostel stay possibly?’ .. yes.. because I hate worrying about tickets.

   I had some trouble getting to the train station from JinSha (apparently google maps is wrong… when you get off #32 at RenMin BeiLu you should walk STRAIGHT not turn right… go south.. then around.. something.. and something else.. and ask people for directions and they tell you it’s far (which it isn’t) so they direct you to a bus stop.. but you keep walking and ask another person and they say it’s far .. how far? 3 bus stops .. so you walk it in 25min… and finally get there.. about 50min later than you WOULD HAVE if you had GONE straight and NOT listened to Google Maps.

   … Bought my ticket at 6:35pm and booked a bed. Then hastily went over to Metro to buy some slightly heavy food stuffs.. slept a few hours in a squeaky bunk… and awoke in my stinky clothes.. with my frazzled hair.. and headed back to DaYi … wwwhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy??
  oh oh.. another fun surprise..

      Because I had to teach 3 classes, remember? No wait.. I DIDN’T have to teach 3 classes .. in fact I had ONE class.. then the teacher of the other class informed me that classes were canceled because the students had to clean and prepare the school for the high school students who will use it to write entrance tests on Monday.
  That’s right …. I came back here.. to teach 40 min.. actually 30 because the students were so enthralled with their homework assignments they weren’t replying to any of my questions… or even looking up. So I just told them to go on doing their homework.. at this point some apologized and asked me to start again.. ugh.   … really, I could have stayed in Chengdu..enjoyed my time.. and they could have done their homework and cleaned.

      but you had to waste my time… and money… again.

    And even better? Gotta love this…. second time around (for anyone who heard my ‘planned power outage’ story. I have no water.
 Thhhhhhhhat’s right, you have to have me here to teach 40min.. despite the fact that I DID tell you I was buying a ticket Friday (and THAT’s why I asked you repeatedly if I have to work next Friday) you have me come back on the day that the water is out. … fantastic.

     The only GOOD thing that has happened today.. is (shh.. don’t jinx it) my computers working. I’ve been having issues with it randomly turning itself off lately. And in fact it wouldn’t start up today. So I fiddled with the plug and.. it made some.. um.. not so soothing electrical crackling noises.. and now it works.. for now.

   Anyway, the lesson of the day is DON’T WASTE MY TIME. Goddamnit, of all the things to waste.. TIME is the worst. You can never get it back.. and when you waste someone else’s time.. you can never make it up to them.. it’s just gone.. a piece of their life.. gone.. stolen.. taken away.. trashed..

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