My fellow citizens of the world, specifically Canadians

   when is enough enough?–man-arrested-and-left-in-wire-cage-under-new-g20-law

   Now, he may be one example.. and he may have been a protester before.. BUT I do know this:

  I DON’T like laws being passed in secret. Laws that affect you and I and our freedoms, personal security.. our lives.

  This is wrong. It is just as wrong as us absentmindedly denying a spokeswoman for a charity a visa to our country.

HIV positive African woman shut out of G8

Malawi woman was to push G8 on
AIDS, TB and malaria funding, but unable to get visa in time


  WTF is happening back home? This is outrageous. And what are you doing about it? Don’t you dare start with ‘well what can I do?’
    YOU can do something, NOT doing something is your choice. It’s the easy way out.. how long will we take the easy way out?

   At what point will you put your foot down? They tell us what we can and can’t buy, what we can and can’t eat, what you can do what you can’t do..what you can drink..  where you can smoke, you should pay more taxes .. for what?? FOR WHAT, think about how many tax dollars have been blown away in the past decade.. go on.. guess, fake lake nothing! (–walkom-harper-s-fake-lake-and-the-virtual-reality-summit)
How about EHealth? "A scathing report on the eHealth Ontario spending scandal charges that
successive governments wasted $1 billion in taxpayer money (

the OLG? The board of the Ontario
Lottery and Gaming Corporation
resigned en masse Monday as lavish
expense claims by senior executives at the troubled agency surfaced." (

 Remember our war on terror? Yea, we’re still paying for that. “A new report shows that Canada’s rising National Defence spending is
$21.185 billion in 2009-2010, making Canada’s rank 13th highest in the
world, and 6th highest among NATO’s 28 members, dollar for dollar.” (

 Car Heaven? Yea, your tax dollars are providing those menial incentives for people to get ride of the car they own to get in to debt buying a new one.. which probably has ‘oN star’ in it..yea.. remember – you can never turn that device off. That’s a whole other rant right there.

 Ecofriendly anyone?? What they want you to hear:
  Truth is, ‘going green’ is for bandits to sell you a load of BS–government-needs-strict-rules-before-homeowners-can-safely-go-green

  Go on, I know there are more.. feel free to add to the list of wastes of our cash over the years… and they want more?! WTF

   So how much are you willing to give in?  HST?? WTF… argghghhhh…..

    You give them money.. that’s enough, they want the right to lock you up for not telling them your name..

   Canadians, what have you got left to lose?    

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