Canada- too expensive to see

Travel in Canada too expensive:

 The cost of travel in Canada is a big
impediment for many people wanting to explore their home and native
land, a survey suggests.

Two-thirds of respondents in a national
survey said traveling
within Canada is sometimes more expensive than going abroad.

>> sometimes??

80 per cent said it was important to them, as Canadians, to see "the
entire country from coast to coast." But on average, those surveyed said
they had visited just four provinces or territories outside their own.

>> the average is 4 provinces? I can say I’ve been to 2. Or 4 if you count an airport and a liquor store as ‘seeing a province’ : /

where in Canada they would like to travel this summer if money and time
were no obstacle, 60 per cent said Atlantic Canada, making it the most
preferred domestic vacation spot.

>> I’d prefer to go up North personally .. oh hey, speaking of..

The North is the least visited
part of the country, with just nine per cent of respondents having ever
taken a trip to Yukon, the Northwest Territories or Nunavut.

per cent of respondents said they had vacationed in Ontario
, 67 per
cent in Quebec and 57 per cent in B.C.

>> Probably because they LIVE in those provinces… ‘had vacationed’ doesn’t exactly mean they left their province, does it?


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