What’s the rush, Biatch?

These statistics (though minimal they are) provide some numbers/percentages backing my recent observations while driving. People with the most need to speed and or pass you for no reason at all (often going on to block you by turning at the next intersection…you totally needed to pass me for those 5m) appear to be female.

If this keeps up I’ll request a sex change.

Girls, remember what they always say about a guy who buys a large car … or when older men buy a sport car to make them more attractive … don’t you see that your lead foot in your Focus/Honda Whatever/Grand AM/Sunfire is the same sort of overcompensating??

List: Cars (and drivers) that get the most speeding tickets

October 19th 2010, Sympatico.ca Autos

List: Cars (and drivers) that get the most speeding tickets

A new study by U.S. auto insurance analytics firm Quality Planning, lists the vehicles with the highest percentage of speeding tickets. The results will surprise you.

Typically, young men in red sports cars are thought to be the worst offenders, but that’s not the case according to the study.

It found that Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertibles were most likely to get ticketed. And who was behind the wheel most often when the car got pulled over? About 60 percent of the time it was women, and the average age was 53.

Next on the list was the Toyota Camry-Solara coupe, believe it or not. The average age there was 50, and 61 percent of the drivers were female.

The Hummer H2/H3 was the most ticketed vehicles for male drivers, with about 73 percent of guys at the wheel when the fine was handed ove . Their average age was 46.

So does this mean insurance will get cheaper for all you young men out there? Don’t bank on it.

Original Article can be viewed here: http://autos.sympatico.ca/automotive-news/6500/list-cars-and-drivers-that-get-the-most-speeding-tickets


→ On the flip side; perhaps females feel themselves too smart to get caught or tricky enough to cry their way out of a ticket. Again.. I am disgraced to be of the same gender as you.

So seriously, grow up (and stop cutting people off) and drive like a little old lady. Why? Because it’s awesome!
1. Your car (and just about all the parts in it!) last so much longer.

2. You can actually enjoy the scenery, identify houses etc.

3. You severely lessen your chances of colliding with Yolanda

4. The best reason: you can finally sit back in your whimsical raspberry-scented, crochet-protected kleenexbox-toting car, upon comfy, cushy, plush seats marveling aloud ‘where did these young’uns learn to drive?? Don’t they know they’re going to cause an accident?’

Come on, you’ve earned it. Hell, if you own a car – take care of it. If you own a car you don’t want – still take care of it so you don’t waste all your savings on repairs and can BUY the car you WANT sooner.

And for any of those wondering about this new attitude of fashionably late Yolanda… I have recently acquired a jewel of a car which I hope will remain in working condition and my possession til death do us part. Also, I’ve become eyebrow-raisingly punctual (it’s true! Even I’m surprised). I now leave prior to appts/work hour/meetings..etc Not AT the time I should be arriving. I’ve given up on teleportation for now but.. someday.

Seriously, driving courteously is the new cool. At least I find it to be cooler than explaining to an officer why you were doing 145kph to get to Elmvale faster.

If anyone bothers you about being late simply explain to them it was a matter of life or death. Others on the road, myself and my beautiful car included, thank you for not smashing into us.

🙂 Have a nice blue-haired, ‘cat on board’ old lady driver day! ♥

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1 Response to What’s the rush, Biatch?

  1. Sean says:

    I love this article, I also remeber my dad telling me of his observations: A guy will drive the speed limit when on his own but will speed when has other male passengers. A women will speed when only her in the car, but will do the speed limit when she has other girls in the car. Its weird but I have noticed this.

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