Have I told you lately…

Aww, Elon Musk… how I love you. Let me count the ways…

1 share of Tesla motors, 2 shares of Tesla motors, 3 shares of Tesla motors…

Oh, and there’s the amazing engineering your heading off with your private funds.. and when you’re short on cash – BING! IPO June 30,2010! Keep up the good work.. and tell me when your SpaceX project goes public. You can count {on} my money anytime, good Sir.

Tesla SUV – Big plans for 2014

Pfft, and Ford here is bragging about “76 km/h in pure electric mode” in their Fusion.. Tesla has been making cars that are entirely electric that can easily do 120mph/193kmh – since 2008. Also, the Tesla Model S will offer 3 selections of battery; the largest reaching 300 miles/482 km on a single charge – with the possibility of only 45 minutes to fully charge. Now that’s impressive.

And what’s this about a 1 minute battery swap? HA, range anxiety.

Tesla Motors Model S

More Mr. Musk teeheehee

Long live Tesla

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1 Response to Have I told you lately…

  1. yolandalenin says:

    Oh, seems I’m not the only one who’s been twitterpainted by Musk:

    Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota, recently showed his mettle. Prior to a meeting at Musk’s Bel Air home in April [2010], Toyoda accepted an invitation by Musk to take his red Tesla Roadster for a spin. The 53-year-old Toyota chief, a certified race car driver, reportedly had Musk’s head pinned to the seat as he sped through the hills above Sunset Boulevard.

    That marked the first time Toyoda and Musk had met. The Toyota CEO was reportedly captivated by the Roadster, Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation and, most of all, Musk himself. Four weeks later, Toyota signed a $50 million deal to partner with Tesla. When asked why he decided to collaborate with the startup, Toyoda looked at Musk and said, “I love him.”

    Awww.. me too haha! But he didn’t give me a car like he did you, Mr. Toyoda. *jealous*

    From the article:
    Driving in the fast lane with Tesla

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