News is coming! New News!

Whoa, HOld up! Just when I thought it was all dreary and dull = time for bed. The news happens!?


Pooling your assets

First up, of personal interest to me .. and anyone else who loves billiards but hates to play it in public (possibly because they have little to no skills)(despite the amount of hours and/or years they’ve played the game) and can’t afford to pay pool halls half their income comes THIS!

The Stainless Steal

If you thought making car frames and laptops out of pressed aluminum was cool you’ll probably also find this fascinating. Or, well.. I don’t care for the aluminum things much but.. I like the sound of stainless steel.. so.. rustless. Which is really a classy way of saying ‘durable’. Finally a wallet that will be able to withstand my acid hands!

Sign sign everywhere a sign

The writers of that song ‘Signs’ were Canadian, but the writers of these signs (with the exception of some Gay Mexican job-stealing Grizzly Bears) were presumably American. See what the buzz was about on Saturday.

And perhaps the most disturbing thing I saw today was an ad (no actually, two ads) on TV (which I rarely watch … for good reasons) that informed me that we would not have ultrasound capabilities nor could a man with two amputated legs be able to run on the road without …… our good friend oil. Yep, .. unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the company at the moment.. starts with an S. When I do, will post links to the commercials.

Before I leave off; Happy Day of the Dead!

Feliz Día de los Muertos! “A unique and heart-warming tradition to look forward to in November.” (sounds like something that would be written under a book titles doesn’t it?) Who knew there was a market for Dead Day Ornaments?


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