Wrong = Rights

Not really ‘news’ in my mind.. more old hat. .. or old face.

The story that follows is about a guy who wore a mask, faked out airport security in Hong Kong and landed in Canada as a young man… hoping to immigrate.

Meh, mediocre story I know. The part that gets me.. and consequently got me to write about it is this:

If it weren’t for this masked hero’s stunt, the next person who boarded a plane disguised as an old man could have been looking for something much more sinister than refugee status.

… okay, if you’re not catching it let me take another piece of the article and paste here:

The young Asian man who boarded an Air Canada plane in Hong Kong disguised as an elderly white male should be granted political asylum in Canada.

That’s right.*

That’s right?? Who’s the moron who wrote this thing.. *looking looking looking* oh there it is, in the smmmalllleest font up top: Daniel Reid. Dear Daniel Read, please refrain from telling readers what is right or wrong.. like you’re the end all be all of morals. And ‘should’ should? Okay, great, hand out more advice.. what SHOULD I do tomorrow.. ahole. But really, I guess my ever repeating issue is – WHY do I read Sympatico news?? AH! It’s so not news.. it’s just junk! Horrible, usually misspelled, gossip, fantasy world craaapppppp.

Argh! You know whyyy I glance at it? Because it comes up when I sign out of hotmail. Stupid stupid me for using hotmail! What’s worse, I fear … just how many people look at this everyday? And what percentage of them actually take this crapola as news?! Do they really think it’s right to reward illegals for doing something illegal? Like.. what.. the.. and what sort of a balanced article is this? Calling him a super hero.. nuummbbb skuullllll. Feed the fear of the omnious boogieman ‘Terrorist’ oh no.. argh. Like he’s not.. maybe he just forgot his bomb? I’ll give him the benifit of the doubt… applying makeup requires dedication… probably equal that of bombmaking.. and bringing.

Again! AGAIN, Canada.. did I not read about how many feel those Tamils who came over on leaky boats across the Pacific should be turned back. Why? For the good reason that it’s not fair or right that we accept them, take care of them and look at their cases for ‘refugee status’ BEFORE those who have been helplessly waiting for years.. yeears on end.

ARGH, do you LIKE when someone cuts in front of you in line? That’s what these cheaters are doing. I’m sure it’s a matter of life and death but.. then why do most people file for ‘refugee status’ .. what makes people more important than other people?

And how does this wrong of fraud  (passport, visa, ticket, etc) get canceled out just because he succeeded? Okay, so this goes back to my saying that we should get rid of security cameras – if security can’t actually catch you or have an eye witness for whatever you did.. it doesn’t count. There, now everyone disagrees with that one but.. that’s exactly what’s happening here. The fact we even know about this is because a stewardess or two decided to point it out. I think they deserve a raise for even bothering to go above and beyond their duties.

* Original article: http://news.sympatico.ca/oped/coffee-talk/masked_man_causes_airport_security_doubts_and_should_be_greeted_as_national_hero/8328e180


Another article dealing with the future of Canada, who’s steering this thing?


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