Sympatico = Sasquatch Feces

Here’s more ‘news‘ from Sympatico.. but actually it’s MSN Money.. maybe that’s why it’s not totally terrible?

This one at least made me smile:

When: 2010

Claim: $38 quadrillion

Utah state attorneys must have rubbed their eyes when this lawsuit passed their desk. John Theodore Andersen is the man behind the claim, which is as complicated as it is ludicrous.

In short: Andersen, who owned a controlling interest in a Utah mining property, sued other property owners when they defaulted on their payments. Through some extravagant math, absurd valuations (he maintains the property is worth $36 billion) and apparent witchcraft, Andersen calculated his compensation for the slight should be $38-quadrillion. Seeing as there’s only about $24 trillion in circulation in the world at any given time, the QMI Agency notes, Andersen might have a tough time collecting payment. Remarkably, though, the case is still being argued before the Utah courts.


I love it, and once he’s won that suit I’d like to start a class action suit against Sympatico for mutilating the English language. As well as informing us of useless info which consumes our time which in turn makes society less productive..causing the economic divot we are currently in.. hell, let’s just sum it up with  ‘it’s all their fault!

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