Who’s the fool?

Don't Miss the Boat! Featuring: Tesla, Toyota & Panasonic. Followed by the Motley Fool.

I know, I know.. I’m harping on this … heheh beating the electric horse so to say (though that’s not a perfect comparison seeing as electric is anything but dead).

Just read this article where the self-proclaimed ‘Fool’ (Motley Fool, to you) goes on about how Tesla isn’t going to make it… predicting doomsday for upstart car companies. What gives? You say “the less likely it becomes that anyone’s going to … just out-and-out buy Tesla at a premium.” like it’s a bad thing.

You sir, are the fool. You fail to understand the ‘who’ of Tesla. You know the what and where, perhaps even a bit more about the ‘how’ than I. But I don’t believe you understanding my dear Mr. Musk.

Tesla is a pet project of his. It’s a dream being realized – his dream. He has done everything so far to keep it afloat and will not sell unless he absolutely must. Why? Because he’s a smart man, some say a genius (I, myself, don’t know the meaning of the word so I’m not a liberty to judge), why would he want to share what could very well bloom into a new auto empire?

Elon Musk is to Tesla what Sir Richard Branson is to Virgin.


And in saying that, just as I believe Sir Branson is the captain of the Virgin ship; if Mr. Musk ever leaves the helm of Tesla I will have to jump ship like the goodtime voyage rat I am. But, I think this ship has a long prosperous journey ahead of it.

Mr. Motley Fool, you better hurry up or you may miss the boat.

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