Remember: Everything is relative


1. Eddie Izzard Quote 2. Stating the Obvious 3. The Obesity Answer & KFC DD  4. Back to Eddie Izzard

1. Quote of the day/night: “she vetoed my virginity like she was China!” ~ Eddie Izzard

2. Stating the obvious: people don’t want to pay the bank to hold on to their money and not let them withdraw it freely. duh.

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3. Obesity say what?

Q: Ah yes, what shall we do to rid America of obesity ?

A: This should really help.

Ah yes, the egg, the easy scapegoat of cholesterol. It only makes sense to take such a wonderful natural miracle .. encased in it’s fragile yet strong thin shell holding a strange clear gelatinous bit  complete with a yellow globule.

That poor poor thing, so innocent and harmless gets stolen from chickens daily methodically only to be wasted on people who argue that it’s healthier to eat cheese and pig’s hindquarters wedged between two slabs of breaded AND deepfried (cause that was necessary) chicken chest-tes?! wht the..(general sounds of flabbergastation here) What is this place coming to.. where is the logic? screw it.. what is logic? You’re right, now I can’t wait to see the ‘new study’ that proclaims petroleum is actually ambrosia.

I’m thinking maybe we should stick with some ‘old’ studies… seems our civilization has passed its peak. Again, Everything in moderation.

4. Now back to Eddie Izzard.


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