Damn you Manitobaaaaa!

Well, you don’t need to be a standing member of Mensa to figure this one out:

if you give people more money … they will spend more money.

Now I may have heard some gearbox brains cranking out ‘no, you’re forgetting about the savers’. I’m not forgetting about them.. it’s just that the system that is handing out the cash in the first place never fears running out of money like say.. you and I do. Because that ‘money’ I was referring to is in fact ‘taxes’ and the ‘people’ happen to be in the government. (Please read article here, or scroll down)

So as long as they government has people to lord over – they have cash flow don’t they?

You’re a fool if you ever think anyone under the cozy wing of Mother Government is ever going to starve before you do. Was that harsh? No, no I don’t think so.. just reality check. Remember, my democratic disciples, unless you are part of the machine you must feel the squeeze.

*************  Please Read Article ********* or continue on to read a personal message from Yolanda;

On a completely different note: I hate Manitoba.

I really do, I wish they’d take their Bison-totin’, Red River flowin’, shoe stealing selves and GET OUT already!  *GRumble* … Seriously, I have always hated Manitoba. I can’t .. I can’t even explain it. I hate what I hate.. I need no reason… apparently I need a little rhyme.. but no reason.

Who the hell invited them anyway?! I can’t get over it, and like Quebec has their ‘bloc’ party to try and make them The New Kids with their own Bloc (or it could be a clever one word that we keep taking as an abbreviation when really it’s just a misspelling of their favourite verb when it comes to dealing with Anglophones) (*hint  Block). Where was I?

Ah yes, how could I ever forget my hatred of Manitoba… so if you know of any party to get Manitoba to seperate from the rest of Canada – TELL ME NOW! I want on that, chairwoman of the board. I will throw ever last milligram of my weight around to make sure that YOU, yes YOU Manitoba get OUT of Canada!!! I am fully behind it. I don’t even care how silly the map of North America will look. It will be like NA’s Bangladesh. I can’t wait. Or…. OR! Even better, we could blow the whole thing up and have a giant lake. HA! And the rest of the world thought the 5 great lakes were cool.. wait til they see Lake NOatoba! Bwahahahhahahahahaha,

oh stop feeling sorry for them. As of the 2006 census there are only 1,148,401 people living in the entire province. That works out to roughly 1.7 people per sq km of Manitoba’s total 647,797 sq. km. I doubt whatever primitive explosive I could scrounge up would totally clean up the population of Mannies. But you know, I’m an openminded kind of person.. if they want to change their evil ways and become friendly Sasksers – I’m cool with that. I doubt many could bend their hard river wills to turn around and become solid Ontarioites…but I have a feeling those rats that really desperately want to flee the sinking Mani ship will run into Nunavut.

So yea, if you have any better ideas on what to do with the leaky landfill we currently call  ‘Manitoba’ do let me know!

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Feds favour Maritimes and Manitoba, study finds

Published On Mon Nov 15 2010
Robert Benzie Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

The federal public service has become a “stealth equalization” program that overwhelmingly favours the Maritimes and Manitoba at the expense of Ontario and the rest of Canada, a new study shows.

In a 24-page report prepared for Winnipeg’s Frontier Centre for Public Policy to be released Monday, author Ben Eisen uncovered astonishing disparities among the various provinces when it comes to employees on Ottawa’s payroll.

“Equalization transfers have become so large that they result in the subsidization of relatively high levels of provincial spending on government programs in the have-not provinces,” writes Eisen, referring to the national wealth-sharing program.

>> Yolanda: No shit. If you give it they will spend it. And Canada, when will you STOP trying to make everything ‘equal’ it’s ridiculous. Let the chips fall where they may.

“This has contributed to the development of disproportionately large public sectors in recipient provinces, and created disincentives for rational public policy that could increase own source revenues,” he continues in Stealth Equalization: How Federal Government Employment Acts as a Regional Economic Subsidy in Canada.

Prince Edward Island leads the way with 3,657 federal bureaucrats working in that province for every 100,000 residents.

Nova Scotia is second with 3,210 per 100,000 people followed by New Brunswick at 2,655 and Manitoba at 2,619. Newfoundland comes in at 1,823.

While Ontario is slightly above the Canadian average of 1,602 federal public servants per 100,000 residents — at 1,742 — that’s largely because the national capital is here.

Interestingly, Quebec, the largest equalization recipient and traditionally the greatest benefactor of federal largesse, lags the national average with 1,378.

But oil-rich Alberta – which, with Ontario and British Columbia, pays the most into equalization — has the lowest rate of federal public servants at just 936 per 100,000.

That’s almost a quarter of the per-capita number for Prince Edward Island.

“Exogenous factors such as demographics and the varying sizes of the provinces do not explain this phenomenon,” writes Eisen.

“For example, despite being a similar size and having a similar demographic profile, have-not province Manitoba has more than twice as many federal employees as a proportion of the population than does neighbouring Saskatchewan.”

While Ontario is technically a “have-not” province, because it receives equalization, the amount pales in comparison to what taxpayers here contribute to the federal program.

In 2009-10, Ontarians forked over some $5.7 billion to Ottawa and Queen’s Park got a $347-million equalization payment when the money was redistributed.

>> Bwahahahahaha! Sounds like Yolanda math.. is it any wonder I don’t have my own business? hahahah.. ah good one. 5.7 bil.. give yourself 347 mil.

Eisen said the federal employment levels only exacerbate the inherent inequities of equalization.

“Of the five major equalization recipient provinces, all but Quebec have levels of per capita federal government employment far above what would be the case if government employment were distributed according to Canada’s population,” he writes.

In the foreword to Eisen’s study, Frontier Centre president Peter Holle and Ontario Public Policy Institute chair David MacKinnon warn that regional subsidy schemes can have a “disastrous impact . . . on national productivity.”

“The federal government uses the disproportionate employment of public servants in most equalization receiving provinces to convey an extra and invisible layer of subsidies that are a very large fraction of equalization receipts in those provinces,” they note.


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