$25 The ING Christmas Gift

Alright, I’m sorry for the plug if you already bank with ING but.. I do this 1 because I hate conventional banks.. in Canada they are blood suckers. And 2, I do get a little cash in my ING account when people take my advice. So expect to see a post like this from time to time, here we go:


Some people sell Avon.. I sell bank accounts – but YOU get $25 CDN if you decide to try ING.
Before you write it off as spam answer these 3 questions: …

1. Does your bank charge you fees for holding or moving your money (EFTs, service fees, etc)?
2. Does your bank pay less than 1.50% interest?
3. Does your bank require a minimum balance?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you need ING.
The req. for the $25 dollars is that you open an account with at least $100. After you receive your $25 sign up bonus.. you can withdraw all your money if you like (remember, no minimum balances) plus the 25, because it is yours to keep.

That’s 25% interest in one month.. you can’t lose.
Why would they give you 25 dollars just like that?

I don’t know but I’ve been with them 10+ years.

And I’m happy enough with them that I want to tell people about it.

I hope to close my CIBC account this year and be done with them.. damn vampires and their service charges!!

If you have any further Qs feel free to ask me!

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