Don’t look now the News is in:

Giant Maple Leaf discovered in Pickering (warning: photo)

Toronto has started killing off pedestrians at an alarming rate: 16 hit in only 2 days. Times that by 182.5 to give us an annual average: 2,920.. Oh No! Do you know what this means? At that rate the population of Toronto will be decimated in approximately 850 years!!! We’ve got to do something! Haha, sorry.. it’s tragic.. people getting hit.. by our even more tragic drivers… um, btw have you watched ‘Canada’s Worst Driver‘ … the mind reels as to how driving instructors/examiners can go on strike to demand a pay increase when THIS is what’s legally hitting our streets.

OH and.. has anyone noticed that MOST of the drivers on Canada’s Worst are from.. which province? A-l-b-e-r-t-a. A lame piece of proof is found here at 3:20

Development in China: the usual ‘breakneck’ speed, here is a 15 storey hotel built in 6 days.

Speaking of China… buyer beware, allllwwaayyss. Everytime someone talks to me about China’s rise, double digit growth.. yea, looks good on paper but what’s real?

And for my closing statement I’d like to pose a question: Who was the weedman who hashed this idea: bubbleshout.com … .. seriously.. wtf ?

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