Fool’s Paradise – heading for a fall

Pope wakes up to reality of the 21st century, only took him 1860 years

According to this website, which may or may not be most accurate source (what/who is?), condoms first appeared in Rome “around 100-200AD.” And up until 2010 the head of the Vatican insisted they were not good at doing what they do. …

Einstein used to say (when he was alive) “check your brain at the door” regarding religion. I know I read it in an actual book.. but.. now I can’t find good firm evidence online to back me up. Though tons of Christians use the quote to make their cause … ugh, Intelligent Design theories.. barf.

Look at this aboutface; “condoms, which can even increase the problem” March 2009. I ask you, if a politician were to make the same move a year later – would you be inclined to support them again in the future?

Not that I did support this guy, I’ve got to say.. he looks really evil to me.

Speaking of evil

Now, again MSN is not a good source of news, I repeat NOT a sound source at all. Between their spelling errors and love of covering which is complete gossip.. there are few facts to be found. And even those ‘facts’ are debatable. I’d like you to view this page and look to the bar on the right hand side. Entitled ‘Burning Question’.

View the results, I don’t know if you’ll have to vote or whatever.. but view the results.

That scares me.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

I stand by my conviction that the real ‘dip’ has not arrived yet. We are living on clouds at the moment, stimulus is one big fluffy cloud.. and clouds are not good things to build your home on.. or even purchase that property on.

If you didn’t listen to me and view the poll I’ll tell you where it stands at the moment: 36% of those polled said ‘Stocks’ are where they will ‘park’ their nest egg.

I like gambling, this is true, but I make no claims to being good at it.

This is because, when you play roulette or mahjong or even cursed slots … there are few facts for you to go over before playing your bet. It’s luck, it’s for the most part (should be) randomized. Blackjack is a bit of a different story but.. if you also know me you’ll know I can’t count cards worth a darn. If I could.. I’d be much better at Blackjack.

Anyway… LIKE roulette stocks are randomized.. …? wait.. no they aren’t.

It’s all calculated. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise. And this is what worries me, leaving your money (what you’ve worked your entire life for) up to the whim or some guarantee-free gamble on Pfizer or Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, Apple (who have really hit the top end of their scale.. come on $307 a share. How much more do you think it can  go up??

Anyway, this is my feeling. When those who run the show tell you to jump – sit down.

I’ve been watching these things for a while, they’re setting YOU – yes you.. as educated as you are general public – for a fall. And it’s going to be big.

Sooner or later I’ll sit down and write my most ‘Bohemian Grove’ entry yet on modern slavery. I just.. am lazy and you know, have trouble focusing.

In the mean time here’s some further reading that lends some foundation to my theory that the worst is yet to come.

The Depression you’ve never heard of – on Freeman Online

Admittedly I did not read this one fully though I believe they are trying to prove (through copious graphs) (and I do mean COPIOUS) that we aren’t as bad off as we could be. Which is just like saying ‘it could be worse’ … could it? This is the fakeout my friends. Know it.

And this gem on The Depression within the Depression, showing that things got worse in 1937-1939, unemployment escalated, stocks fell 25%… read for yourself.

The Stimulus should never have happened. NEVER. If it is in fact a free market it should be FREE. Things build and fall all around us. Don’t fight mother nature, you can only lose. You laugh – what does DowJones have to do with mother nature? It works on the same principal of survival. One does not arm elephants with machetes when lions come. Just as we cannot eradicate the world of mosquitoes who kill millions by spreading disease.

All things exist for a reason, even depressions (which we now call ‘recessions’ because depression was such a depressing word).

Oh and, I got a bit off topic but DON’T invest all your savings into the stock market at this time. There are a lot of ‘insiders’ out there and you and I (the general public) are not one of them. We should seriously question their recommendations/motives.

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