Claw your way to the top or drop

So, tonight I took a break from reading and watched a little series/show from the History channel.

Of course, I don’t watch TV .. so.. I um.. well click below if you want to view it too. Sure, not ace quality but .. it’ll do.

Neanderthral vs. Cro Magnon

Not much to say, certainly not the most indepth look at the two species but a good overview *shrug* anything’s better than nothing.

Just helps springboard me into a little rant about how only the dirtiest, rottenest, no morals, no regrets, all out war, take no prisoners type people survive. Sucks. Cause.. as one man comments in part 10/10 of the above: Neanderthals existed for about 200-250 thousand years. Modern humans have been around for about 40,000. So, he doesn’t feel it right for us to compare ourselves to them just yet.. maybe around the 200,000 year mark.

And that’s just it – we’re not going to make it that long.

I know I know, you want to jump right out of your springy swirly comp chair and shout ‘YOU’RE SO CYNICAL’ but…you don’t,

because.. really, you know I’m right.

Look at all the shit we’ve done in just.. when was the Industrial age? Yea, there was crap before that but THAT was FULL STEAM HEAD! Destroy everything, everything on this earth was put here for us to use fully and completely. For what?

a) To better the enviroment

b) To provide a better life for future generations? Thinking solely of their happiness

c) To fit in with the whole well orchestrated animal kindgom – balanced and not tipping the scales too much consumption wise

NO, fuck all that! Human beings live solely for their own good at the moment and nothing else comes to mind aside from that.

And if you argue that some of them are more ‘enlightened’ and think past immediate gratification … okay, I’ll allow you that fluffy idea for a moment.. but now come back, and tell me – do they tend to reproduce? And if they do.. do those ideas and sentiments tend to catch on with their offspring?

No, because we are all fundamentally flawed. If you’re not – you will be out of your misery soon or forced to conform; either or. I would argue the first is the best you can hope for.

So, what, do tell Yolanda, is ‘our’ flaw?

I’m glad you asked.

*dramatic pause*

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again – we are never satisfied.

Humans don’t know when to stop. So they don’t, whatever we have is never enough. And it never will be.. and that (trying to cut myself short here because I go on forever) is why we must fail. It’s a very predictable course we charted from the beginning – failure. Epic collapse.

Your job is, if you feel that you can truly refute what I have said – look around. Analyze your daily life: who wields power? Now, how did they get there? …By being nice?

I think not.

My father, who is much more concise than I, once told me (as I was recounting actions of the owner of my place of work) ‘you don’t get rich by being nice.’

So, to round this off – I think we are a little too harsh with Neanderthals and considering that we have up to 4% of their make up in our own… we should shut our mouths.

My feeling is that they are extinct (possibly do to the very plausible theories presented) is because they couldn’t adapt but.. maybe.. they lacked the horrible unsatisfiable ambition that drove others. Maybe they were content carving their little niche, not asking too much, and living within the little cubbyhole nature had provided them. Somewhere in the food web between cave bears and elk.


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