An evening with Richard Pryor

An evening with Richard Pryor

I really felt like watching Brewster’s Millions tonight, but ended up watching random clips of his standup.

I don’t know, what you think? Is he high or.. .. double high in this one?

And how did he manage to sound white?? Messed.

I think a bit of Pryor is an excellent way to wrap up Movember. Love him.
Rest in Peace Pryor.

“I said motherfucker I just met you!” 8:37

Speaking love, I think I’ve found my new Quote-o-matic.

His name?  Slavoj Zizek (love his accent!)

Riz Khan speaks to Slavoj Zizek regarding ‘end of time’

“Listen, I may still be a kind of a Marxist but I do not still have these dreams.”

“China we call ‘Capitalism with Asian values’… what does this mean? Til now there was one good argument for Capitalism … it always engendered a drive towards democracy. Not anymore.”

“Don’t blame morality where a much more systematic forces are at power. Morality is always here. … Why can’t people act in a moral way?”

“No ethnic cleansing without poetry.”

“Tolerance is a very suspicious…yes let’s tolerate each other, it means ‘don’t harass me’ which means remain at the proper distance from me.”

“People also want decaffeinated other”

“I don’t like tolerance, I want military spirits! Struggle! But for the good cause.”

“This crisis will just make Capitalism leaner and meaner in the long term”

“Love is evil”

The other day someone said to me ‘you sound like a politician’. Why thank you, they don’t call me Lenin for nothing. And no, it’s not Lennon as in John Lennon.. learn your Russian history.

Speaking of Marxism/Communism/Sharing

Marriage Mass meets Mass Marriage

In Yemen times are tough. Not only do you have to wear your brother’s hand-me-down robes and sandals but your wedding too.

Sharing your wedding is becoming a more common cost-cutting trend, that (I’ve read about this before, possibly regarding India?) was most common amongst orphans who do not have parental units to fill in the cash void.

On the upside, it makes it easier to remember anniversaries in the family/community.

Could this been the next thing to catch on in North America? Seems the Middle East through to South Korea have caught the ‘marry en masse’ bug.
South Korea 20107,200 married in mass wedding

Aw, with all this cozy togetherness… shouldn’t North and South be able to kiss and make up?

New York Times article along the same vein (trying to give you some diversity of sources)

Of course, it sounds like South Korea will be appearing in the news more often now.. but not for loving bonds. : /

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