Just a smidgen

Hahaha, I’ve got to say – I am still amazed that anyone views this junk hoard posing as a blog that I call, ever so humbly, ‘my palace’. HA! As if.

Know this – I appreciate any and all comments that people write on this page.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – if you’re actually a human being – ‘But Yolanda most of your comments on site are spam!’ Hahaha, I don’t even care! Just as there is ‘no bad publicity’… spam (as long as it’s not crude, useless, and totally out of touch with its environment) is still a comment haha!

I don’t even care that they aren’t in English, why? Because it means that someone, somewhere is viewing my site. And that it isn’t invisible to search engines.

I’m satisfied with that. After what.. almost 5 years of having this thing.. it’s nice to be noticed. Not that.. I write anything good.. I know…

Practice makes perfect, right?

See you on the flip side, Night!

Oh and.. if you have a second feel free to leave me a comment.. on.. anything and in any language.. but keep it civil.

About yolandalenin

I talk a lot. ______________________________________________________________________ I write even more.
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