And the wrongs keep flowin’…

Sure, I could go the easy way and point out what’s wrong with the world but.. there’s enough wrong right here.. look no further *sigh*.

Officers not at fault for injuries during G20 protests: SIU (aka  UEA)

More on that below the ********, but first a quick swing a Bell.

Bell is offering a $67 rebate, why?

From the article:

You can only get that $67.41 rebate if you had an active Bell home phone account in an urban area when the CRTC decision came out on Aug. 31, 2010.

In its decision, the CRTC said that tracking down older subscribers would introduce “undue complexity, delays and costs that could be avoided by applying the rebate to current subscribers.”

The $311 million to be rebated by Bell, MTS and Telus is a fraction of the $1.6 billion collected “in the mistaken belief that artificially high incumbent rates would encourage business for local service competitors,” says  the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

>> Did you read that? READ IT AGAIN! Disgusting..  O M  G  !

And people I speak to here still think China’s bad. No, it’s different here.. we lie.. we lie to ourselves, we live in a lie.. everything is false.. false fear, false happiness, false pride. In China they are still pretty much blatant about their scams. You know how stuff works.. you pay money, you get things done. If you can’t afford it.. you’re screwed. If you have money you get favours, if you don’t.. you better find some. Here, we lie.. telling ourselves ‘Canada’s not corrupt’ ‘right will prevail.’ Bull. Same shit.

It calls the CRTC decision “a reasonable conclusion to a flawed regulatory adventure.”

>> Reasonable my ass.


Officers not at fault for injuries during G20 protests: SIU

Police move in on protesters just south of the Legislature in this file photo from June 26, 2010, during the G20 summit in Toronto.Police move in on protesters just south of the Legislature in this file photo from June 26, 2010, during the G20 summit in Toronto. 


Jayme Poisson Staff Reporter

Brendan Latimer was knocked down by a herd of fellow protesters during a G20 demonstration at Queen’s Park.

Lying on the ground, police moved in and arrested the delivery worker. That’s when one of the officers struck him in the face, causing a fracture.

The 19-year-old’s case is one of six from the June G20 summit that has been looked into by the Ontario Special Investigations Unit.

On Thursday, the agency announced no charges will be laid against police officers.

In Latimer’s case, the agency interviewed nine witness officers from the Toronto Police Services as well a civilians. SIU director Ian Scott concluded that while there was “reasonable ground” to believe excessive force was used, they were unable to tell which officer caused his injuries.

“I’m let down, I’m very frustrated,” said Latimer, who says he also suffered two broken ribs and a deep cut to his head.

“They spent all this money installing cameras and surveillance devices . . . I’m enraged that they could use that stuff to catch protesters but not to catch police.

“It just seems like a double standard,” he added.

The SIU has a mandate to probe incidents involving police that result in death, allegations of sexual assault or serious injury.

Frank Phillips, an SIU spokesperson, said that only six complaints from the G20 were investigated by his agency because, “these cases met our mandate of serious injury.”

Dorian Barton, 29, was at a demonstration near University Ave. and College St. when he turned around to take pictures of mounted police officers with his cellphone. He was taken to the ground by a male anti-riot officer and suffered a fracture to his right arm.

Like Latimer, the officer could not be identified. Scott also said that Barton could not fully explain how the injury occurred.

“I ended up suffering a lot because of what happened to me and it’s frustrating no one is going to be held accountable,” said Barton.

In another incident, a YouTube video titled “Toronto G20, Peaceful Protester Tackled and Roughed Up,” shows Adam Nobody being chased by a group of about six uniformed police officers.

>> for real?! The guy’s name is  Adam Nobody? HAHAHAHAH so that’s how they can say ‘Nobody got hurt’…

He is then tackled to the ground.

Because the officers all wore identical helmets and uniforms, it was impossible to identify which one is responsible for causing a fracture below Nobody’s right eye, said Scott.

Two officers were identified as having something to do with the incident, but exercised their rights, declining an interview with the SIU.

Nobody, 27, also alleged that two plainclothes officers took him behind a van, and repeatedly kicked him in the head. Scott said he found “no corroborative evidence.”

“It’s disappointing that the SIU felt that they were unable to get sufficient evidence to lay charges against any of the officers given the fact that all six of the complainants investigated did receive serious injuries,” said Toronto lawyer Peter Rosenthal.

>> “DISAPPOINTING??” No, getting an Xbox instead of a Wii for Christmas is ‘disappointing’. This is atrocious.

“One would have thought the SIU would have been able to identify some of the officers.”

The Star recently ran a series of investigative reports examining a lack of results and accountability for police officers probed by the SIU.

“The record of the SIU has not been very good at pursuing charges against officers who have seriously injured people,” added Rosenthal.

>> No shit.  Re: or this one.

Norm Morcos, whose complaint was also being investigated, said he wasn’t surprised. But not because the SIU was ineffective.

“The (SIU) officers I was dealing with were diligent and motivated,” said Morcos, who suffered a hand fracture, possibly from a police baton, while being kettled at Queen’s Park during the summit.

“I did not think that it would be likely that police officers would come forward and identify themselves as having contributed to my injury,” he said.

Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack said it’s important to remember there were officers from across the country who came in to police the G20, “not just ours.” Responding to the SIU’s conclusions: “Mr. Scott put it the best. There was insufficient evidence for him to the lay the charges.”

For Brendan Latimer, it’s all very frustrating.

“Just to know that they can say ‘Yes, we know this happened, but there’s nothing we can do about it,’ ” he said.

“If they can’t do anything about it, Who can?”

>> Good question.. where’s Zorro?

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