AND the wrong’s keep flowing…

Man, when I write about something it’s usually to get it out of my head. And that’s usually because – it bothers me.

Somethings are really good and I want to share them.. but I think the negatives rush out more often. I prefer the bad news followed by the good news… if there is any.

So, this is old but I think we all know how the scales of justice work – slowly.

Here is a video clip from 2008 of 4 members of the Ottawa Police force acting.. uh…

Well take a look for yourself: CBC News

If you prefer print, the Ottawa Citizen‘s got you covered.

… yea, do I even need to comment on this anymore? ‘the SIU are investigating’ STOP right there, did anyone else chuckle upon hearing that? HA, I want someone who’s better at math to hand me some odds on the SIU charging anyone with anything… besides the woman who was abused. Fuckin’ UEA

American’s say ‘God bless America’ and Brits have ‘God save the queen’ but what do Canadians say? What superior force do we rely on? I guess this indicates Tim Horton’s should run for Parliament, seems to be the only thing we all support.

A song from O Lucky Man! … one of my prized possessions is having this soundtrack on vinyl and yes.. it does sound better than this recording on YouTube.

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