My Little Pony My Little Pony…

Lots of girls love horses, some grow up to make it their livelihood.. one way or another.

But I can’t fully agree with it, I will always look at it as keeping a pet.. a hobby.. a leisure activity. It’s just too.. self-satisfying to be a really worthwhile cause in my mind. What good does it do anyone else? I’m sorry, you can enjoy your hobbies.. that’s fine but.. don’t try to sell the rest of us on you being some do-gooder because you.. ride… horses.. in an age where they are obsolete.

Anyway, here’s the story that sparked this ramble today.

The ones I really feel sorry for here are the horses. Yea okay, you paid lots of money to bring them over. And yea maybe the guy who was supposed to do all the paperwork didn’t do his job. But, in the end…who’s life or death is this? The French horses that you couldn’t live without. You live in North America, do I have to bring up stats about HOW MANY horses we have here – right here! – in Canada and the US?

Oh here’s another one for you, poor Mustangs. Why not export these to Canada instead of shipping horses across the seas :(. Oh, looks like someone’s already doing that.. though.. I think ‘hand feeding’ wild horses .. sort of.. changes their ‘wild’ status, doesn’t it?

Today seems like a Royksopp kind of day.

Nice video someone made, great pacing, imagery. Nice all around. I could live without the ‘cartoon cloud’ but still A+.  🙂

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