Stick to what you’re good at

Contents: Al Stewart 1. Mr. Clyde (Freddie Craig Johnson) 2. Fat-ino Al Stewart

(it’s a Stewart Sandwich!)

For a long time I followed two mottos:

“Stick to what you’re good at” &

“if it doesn’t come naturally leave it”

I’ve got to tell you, in case you don’t know, that combination will keep you from doing a lot of things or even redoing things. Try try again? Definitely not.

Looking at the news, it seems some people do follow ‘stick to what you’re good at’.

Myself, I’d be content to find out what it is I am good at.

I know, I know; the Sun is NOT a good news source but I think they can handle this story.. I find it slightly amusing. I say good for him. He’s living a dream.. um.. his dream.. but still, it’s a dream. And really, he’s not hurting anyone – banks have tons of money yet they never stop robbing us. Why should we care if he evens the tally a touch? Given the choice betwen siding with a bank or say.. a bear (aka godless killing machine).. I’d have to pick the lesser of the two evils – the bear.

Really, you ask him to trade his calling for 22 years in the slammer? Have you no heart? Let the man live! Perhaps he’s just a Clyde looking for his Bonnie? aww.. it’s a love story. Haha, okay I’ll stop now.  The world needs passionate people!

Full article for “Bank Robbing Binge”

Beaver Creek escapee on bank heist spree

By ROB LAMBERTI, Toronto Sun

Last Updated: November 29, 2010 6:04pm

A man who disappeared while on authorized leave from a minimum-security prison earlier this month is now wanted for four bank heists across Toronto in the last week, Toronto Police said Monday.

>> haha, ‘verdict: awesome. Shows how useless our system is, cops break arms of innocents while repeat offenders keep on repeating.. offending? haha, come on it isn’t even real news – he escaped from a min-sec prison… I’m not too worried. He probably got hungry in there, have you had food at any of our nation’s institutions??

Frederick Craig Johnson, 53, is alleged to have robbed the banks across Toronto to feed a drug habit.

>> Aw, no man no.. they’ll bring you down! The drugs.. and the police but one leads to the other. So, straighten out and you can run further faster!

Johnson is also wanted for being unlawfully at large. He was reported missing Nov. 16 when he failed to report to authorities after leaving the Beaver Creek institution for the GTA on an unescorted temporary absence pass. He was serving time for robbery, police said.

>> Oh come on, of all the people wanted for being large! PFFT! Look around North America.. .. whoa what.. I’ve been informed large means .. oh.. nevermind…scratch that comment.

Toronto Police holdup squad Det. Nunzio Tramontozzi is urging Johnson to get a lawyer and surrender.

>> Well how’s that going to help? I think he’s stealing the money to KEEP it … you ever.. uh.. had a lawyer? I can assure you – once you have a lawyer you don’t have money. That’s how it goes, fact. Remember children – prenup!

“He’s going absolutely nuts,” Tramontozzi said. “He’s done a series of robberies” since he walked away from the minimum-security penal institution in Gravenhurst.

>> Back in the saddle again.. sing it Willie!

Johnson is alleged to have robbed a Scotiabank branch at 5607 Yonge St. on Nov. 23, another Scotiabank at 4220 Sheppard Ave. E. the next day, an RBC branch at 936 Kingston Rd. on Nov. 26, and on Monday he allegedly robbed the Scotiabank at 1391 Lawrence Ave. W.

>> I’d like to add CIBC 274 King St, Midland please and thank you Mr. F.C. J. (wait a second.. did you realize this guy has 3 first names for a name?! I’m starting to think my hero is fictitious?)(ohh not again!)

Tramontozzi said Johnson is alleged to pass notes to his victims, indicating that he’s armed with a firearm but none of the victims have seen a weapon.

>> victims? Oh I’m sorry I thought we were talking about banks not kids with lollipops.

Johnson was serving 22 years in jail for robberies. He was sentenced Oct. 28, 1997, according to a Correctional Service Canada alert.

>> There see, he’s been good since 1997. Give the guy a break, everyone deserves a holiday right?

Johnson is described as being white, has receding grey hair, green eyes, and is about 150 pounds with a skinny build.

>> Oh now we’re getting to it – it’s cause he’s skinny isn’t it? You envious bastards. Typical, chasing minorities …

Another who just can’t stop doing what he’s good at.

Yea, it’s a cop (my favourite) trying to become a politician (my .. second? favourite hrm..). Hey! Wait a second.. didn’t he.. wasn’t he.. in trouble for something? Didn’t he overstep some bounds? Then, instead of facing any repercussions he retired and is collecting his pension courtesy of us – people who pay cops regardless of how well they do (or do not) their job.

So… his life calling is abusing money and power? Wasting people’s time and tax dollars (protecting his ass in court)? Being petty and blaming others?

– He’ll make a great politician.

And fools will be fools.

She lends a face to the saying ‘more money than brains’ .. even if she were broke.

Back to Al Stewart…

(it it just me or is their symbol a man kicking a cross?) (Awesome)

She doesn’t give you time for questions
As she locks up your arm in hers
And you follow ’til your sense of which direction
Completely disappears
By the blue-tiled walls near the market stalls
There’s a hidden door she leads you to
These days, she says, I feel my life
Just like a river running through
The year of the cat

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